Surkis will no longer represent Ukraine at UEFA

Суркис больше не будет представлять Украину в УЕФА

Vice President and member of the Executive Committee of UEFA Grigory Surkis will not be able to take part in the elections to the Executive Committee of this organization in February 2019. The last 14 years, he represented Ukraine in this organization.

December 7 was the deadline for filing for election to the UEFA Executive Committee. Grigoriy Surkis has failed to submit a request from the football Federation of Ukraine to participate in these elections because they do not have a current post in FFU, writes up. After the introduction of the new UEFA rules for elections to the Executive Committee can run for the President of the national football Federation, its Vice-presidents or the Secretary General. But Surkis last six years, did not occupy any current position of the FFU. As a result of the Ukraine in the UEFA Executive Committee will run for President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko.

Earlier it was reported that the UEFA President had opposed the creation of the super League, but creates a new European tournament that is associated with the Europa League. The European football clubs wanted to replace the UEFA Champions League a new super League.