Surprise in Venezuela: Maduro and Guaido agree to fight against the coronavirus

Surprise au Venezuela: Maduro et Guaido s’entendent pour lutter contre le coronavirus

Surprise au Venezuela: Maduro et Guaido s’entendent pour lutter contre le coronavirus

The president of venezuela, Nicolas Maduro


June 2, 2020 22: 05


Surprise in Venezuela: Maduro and Guaido agree to fight against the coronavirus


Agence France-Presse

CARACAS — The government of venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido have entered into an agreement to jointly search for funding to combat the coronavirus in Venezuela, according to a paper read on Tuesday to the television official.

The document states the agreement between the government and the opposition intended to work in the search of funds, with the assistance of the pan american health Organization (PAHO). It was read by the minister of Communications, Jorge Rodriguez.

A little earlier, the communication service of Mr. Guaido has also stated in a press release that had been signed “a plan of technical cooperation to address the humanitarian crisis of the sars coronavirus”.

OPS, questioned by AFP, confirmed the conclusion of the agreement, without giving details. “The OPS is taking measures to support its implementation,” said a spokesperson of the organization, which has its headquarters in Washington.

According to the text read by the minister of Communication, “both parties propose to work in a coordinated manner, in coordination and with the support of PAHO, to the pursuit of financial resources that would contribute to strengthening the response capabilities of the country” in the face of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The agreement, signed on Monday in Caracas, establishes measures for the “priority” in the treatment of the pandemic, including the detection of active cases of COVID-19, measures, epidemiological monitoring and the timely treatment of those infected.

Strained relationships

The relationship between the power chaviste of Mr. Maduro and Mr. Guaido are usually very tense.

Mr. Guaido, president of the Parliament, the only institution in venezuela is controlled by the opposition, does not recognize the legitimacy of Maduro, and it was proclaimed in January 2019 interim president of Venezuela.

It is recognized as such by fifty countries, starting with the United States, which qualify Mr. Maduro dictator and called openly to his downfall.

Were not available immediately Tuesday of accurate data on the terms of the agreement.

In the press release, the team of Mr. Guaido has however provided some indications.

The OPS will receive “funds approved for humanitarian assistance”, and the agreement will provide funds for the treatment of the pandemic, “in the hands of international organizations and not the government of Mr. Maduro, said the press release.

The agreement was signed by the venezuelan minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado, by a delegate of the Parliament, Julio Castro, and by a representative of the OPS.

Venezuela has officially 1819 contamination at the COVID-19 and 18 deaths. International organizations like Human Rights Watch believe that these figures are underestimates and that the real toll is much heavier.

The pandemic has hit Venezuela as the country is already hit by a severe economic crisis, massive inflation and a collapse of public services. The crisis has provoked the exodus of some five million Venezuelans since 2015, according to the UN.

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