Survey: Quebecers confident in spite of the pandemic

Sondage: les Québécois confiants malgré la pandémie

Sondage: les Québécois confiants malgré la pandémie


May 26, 2020 9h01


Survey: Quebecers confident in spite of the pandemic

The canadian Press

MONTREAL – Despite the fact that Quebec has by far the largest number of cases and deaths related to the COVID-19 in Canada, Quebecers have the least fear of contracting the coronavirus, experience less stress in coming out of the house and feel that their mental health is in better shape than other Canadians.

This is what emerges from the recent results of a survey conducted by Léger, and the Association of canadian studies.

Quebec might be the province where the epidemic is most active, the rate of quebec respondents who are afraid of being contaminated is 48 % against an average of 51 % elsewhere in Canada.

However, in the case of members of their family, respondents in Quebec are more likely to worry about to see them catch the disease, or 63 %, compared to 61 % of other Canadians.

It also seems that the grim toll that has plagued the province has not had the best mental health of Quebecers. Asked to evaluate their state of mind, 51 % of Quebec respondents were assured that their mental health is “going well” compared to an average of 39% in the rest of the country.

A finding that is possibly explained by the level of stress experienced by citizens in the face of the health crisis. When asked at what point the fact out of the house, letting them experience the stress, 44 % of quebec respondents who say they feel compared to 53% of respondents in the rest of Canada.

In addition, before even being taken out of this first wave of the epidemic, Québec will be displayed as the least worried at the prospect of having to face a second wave in the fall. They are 78 % of respondents worry about, compared to 89% in the rest of Canada.

In another sign of their sense of trust, 75 % of respondents in Quebec say that they are quite comfortable to participate in a party pool with their friends as soon as the containment measures will be lifted. Elsewhere in the country, there are only 53 per cent of Canadians who would feel comfortable partying in the pool.

Mistrust of the authorities

As the crisis stretches out, the mistrust settles in the face to the transparency of governments and it is Quebecers who seem to be the more suspicious.

If in all other provinces 47 % of respondents feel that governments do not tell them the whole truth, it is a strong majority of Quebecers who doubt the transparency of the State.

A rate of 60 % of Quebec respondents believed that the government they hide certain things in relation to the actual situation of the pandemic.

Distrust leads certain persons to fall in the extremes, according to survey data, while the conspiracy theories count their followers in the country.

The false information circulating, linking the wireless technology of the fifth generation, the 5G, the spread of the virus had contaminated 15 % of canadian respondents, including a high of 25 % of respondents in the Atlantic provinces. The rate drops to 12% in Quebec.

Same is true in regards to the conspiracy theories around business man, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft would be linked to the spread of the coronavirus. A rate of 12% of canadian respondents say they believe, of which 15 % in the Atlantic provinces and 10 % in Quebec.

Follow instructions

The distrust of a growing population however, does not seem to harm the respect of the safety prevention of public health. A rate of 50 % of quebec respondents say they wear a mask in public, which represents the second highest proportion after Ontario to 51 %.

Among those who say they wear the mask, 92 % of respondents in Quebec say they put when they go to the grocery store; 86% of pharmacies and 23 % at work.

In the latter case, it is important to note that 69 % of respondents indicated that this situation does not apply to them, a symptom of the slowdown in economic activity and the large number of employees mode of telework.

General Satisfaction

Paradoxically, while we feel that the distrust goes up, the rate of satisfaction with the government remains high. No less than 79 % of quebec respondents say they are satisfied with the management of the crisis by the government of François Legault and 69 % say the same thing of the government of Justin Trudeau.

The prime minister of Canada seems to have managed the tour de force to rally the supporters of opposition parties across the country thanks to the generous management of the crisis that has multiplied the financial assistance programs.

When we examine the rate of satisfaction according to the voting intentions of the respondents, the Trudeau government to harvest the support of 92 % of liberals, 81 % of new democrats, 59 % of bloquistes, 58 % of conservatives and 68 % of greens.

It is in the maritimes, the rate of satisfaction towards the provincial governments are the highest. In the order, the management of crisis, the best appreciated are those of the Île-du-Prince-Édouard (93 %), Newfoundland and Labrador (86 %), Nova Scotia (85 %) and New Brunswick (84 %).

A total of 1510 canadian adults were interviewed as part of this investigation, between 22 and 25 may. Since the sampling method of the online respondents is non-probabilistic, it is not possible to measure the margin of error.

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