Svitolina – Golubich. Forecast for the match of the Open championship of Australia (15.01.2019)

Свитолина – Голубич. Прогноз на матч Открытого чемпионата Австралии (15.01.2019)

Свитолина – Голубич. Прогноз на матч Открытого чемпионата Австралии (15.01.2019)



Elina Svitolina last year in Melbourne protects the quarterfinals. Defeat in the early stages is hardly in her plans since it would mean the departure outside the top-10 ranking. Victoria Golubich the last three years was not overcome here, the barrier of the first round. Experts Suprasport in its forecast do not doubt in the victory of the Ukrainian tennis player. The question is, how will it work?

Elina Svitolina

Season in 2019 began to Elina Svitolina not too successfully: in Brisbane in the opening match lost to Alexandra Sasnovich. In the third set, the game had already believed in his success, began to experiment on the court with the execution blows.

Now in Melbourne we expect to see a more focused and aimed at a quick and confident victory Svitolina. The starting matches in Melbourne for her to fold traditionally well: over the last three years he has won, sets the opponent did not give, also invariably pierced the handicap -5.5 games.

Victoria Golubich

Swiss tennis player Victoria Golubich at the moment, ranks only 102nd place in the WTA rankings. In Melbourne she had to undergo three rounds of qualification. In matches against Ticman and An no problems experienced, and in the final game of qualification against more serious opponent Nicole Gibbs in the second set in a tie-break was able to win.

The last three seasons, appearances in the main draw of the Australian Open was unsuccessful for Golubich – never managed to overcome the barrier of the first circle. Tennis performed Golubich no different aggressive and powerful strikes that will be on hand clinging to the back of the line Svitolina. Only through accurate and reliable action on the back line to beat the Ukrainian player is not easy.

Statistics and personal meetings

    • Between a tennis players have not played before. This will be their first personal meeting.
    • In my entire career on the hard court Svitolina has won 190 games and 82 defeats. Golubich was able to win 76 matches, lost 46 times.


  • Despite the fact that Predslava tournament in Brisbane, Elina Svitolina failed to pass the starting circle, in Melbourne it is able to demonstrate his usual tennis game and reliable. Rival in terms of tactics and style of play has its serious arguments to impose a tight fight.

    On the side Svitolina stats performance directly in the Open championship of Australia in the opening match. Much points to a landslide victory Ukrainian female tennis players.

    The coefficients Bq Marathon

  • 1.11Elina Svitolina
  • 6.95Victoria Golubich
  • Свитолина – Голубич. Прогноз на матч Открытого чемпионата Австралии (15.01.2019)

  • F1 (-5.5)
  • 1%
  • 1.79
  • Bet