Swearing Jean Lamarche: “I will remember it all my life”

The new mayor of Trois-Rivières, Jean Lamarche, officially took office on Friday afternoon, when his swearing took place at Trois-Rivières City Hall. The first magistrate elected on May 5 was sworn in during a short ceremony that was not less emotional for the principal concerned and his family.
“It’s really a beautiful moment to share with both the people who allowed me to go where I am and the people who will allow me to go further. All together in the same room, it was a great moment for me and I will remember it all my life, “he said at the end of the ceremony.

For the occasion, Jean Lamarche was accompanied by members of his family, relatives, collaborators of his electoral campaign, but also of the whole city council, which gave him a more than warm reception. Alternate Mayor Ginette Bellemare, who has been interim mayor since Yves Lévesque left on sick leave last October, handed the City’s keys to the new mayor, to a loud applause.

“Be honored by the trust voters have given you. You now have a key role, to rise above the fray to defend the interest of the City and the citizens. It’s a big challenge and rest assured that you can count on our full cooperation, “said Ginette Bellemare, before handing him the City pin.

“This mark of trust by the people of Trois-Rivières shows that we share the same values ​​of dedication, community, team spirit, development and authenticity. The baggage that I bring with me is that of an open, unifying man who assumes his decisions, and my deep love for Trois-Rivières will be felt in each of my actions. The ship is already running, and with the crew to which I join, no doubt we will quickly reach our cruising speed, “he said during his speech.

After being sworn in, Jean Lamarche shook hands with each of the municipal councilors, including Dany Carpentier from La Vérendrye district.

Then, still to the applause of the hall, Mr. Lamarche took care to go around the fourteen councilors to shake hands one by one, handshakes that were all very warm. He did the same with the senior service directors before the ceremony ended.


This visible enthusiasm of each of the elected representatives showed a willingness to work together, while the harmony and disputes around the board table fueled many debates and positions during the election campaign. Jean Lamarche is now convinced that the council will work together and that the council is not so divided.

“If it was before, it is not now. Besides, yes we talked a lot about harmony, quibble during the campaign. Now, we’ll have to talk about work, “he said when asked about this topic during a scrum.

Mr. Lamarche also reiterated his intention to await the results of the study commissioned by the City on the salary of elected municipal officials before formally deciding on the issue of the increase or not the salary of elected officials, a file that had been widely discussed over the last few months, but was not completely unanimous. However, Mr. Lamarche remains of the opinion that this question should be submitted to the electors.

“We have to wait for the study. Of course, I think it’s a campaign issue. It should be put back when voters have to make their choice. I need to read this study, the recommendations that come with it. I will be listening to stakeholders, but at this point, my position would be to make it an issue for the next election, “he said.

Jean Lamarche was accompanied by dozens of relatives, members of his family and collaborators. At his side, his wife Kathleen Bélanger said she was very emotional during the ceremony.
Jean Lamarche was accompanied by dozens of relatives, members of his family and collaborators. At his side, his wife Kathleen Bélanger said she was very emotional during the ceremony.
Although his official entry to City Hall was Friday at 4 pm, the new mayor is already at work since the day after the election, and has not been idle. “There have been many visits of services, of directions. Many meetings to allow me to understand the entire work, to see both piece by piece, but also the puzzle in full. I am aware that I am embarking on a boat that is already sailing on the water, “he said.

Mayor Lamarche will preside over his first council meeting on Tuesday night, May 21, at 7 pm at Trois-Rivières City Hall.

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