System BankID NBU: the possibility of remote identification expanded

							Система BankID НБУ: возможности дистанционной идентификации расширено

The project BankID NBU — a Single national system of electronic remote identification of individuals (with 03.10.2018 year — System BankID National Bank of Ukraine) is established in 2015 as a guarantee scheme for banks of Ukraine electronic remote identification of customers-natural persons and granting the citizens of Ukraine dial-in state, administrative, banking and other services.

The national Bank is the owner of the system and governs the relationship between the subscribers participating in the system. This gives you the opportunity to make the system nationwide and ravnopravnosti to all interested parties — banks, government agencies and companies.

Connection to the System BankID National Bank is free for all users.

On the portal of state services now available to more than 70 public services that can be obtained remotely. Soon it is planned to increase this number to 100 of the most popular hotel.N October 2018 national Bank has expanded the potential uses of remote identification of physical persons through a Single national system of electronic remote identification of individuals BankID National Bank of Ukraine for Bank customers:

  • administrative;
  • Bank;
  • other services.

The relevant provisions are contained in the adopted resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine from October 3, 2018 No. 105 “On amendments in some regulatory legal acts of the National Bank of Ukraine”(Hereinafter — Decree № 105). This document approves the new wording of the BankID System of the NBU.

In particular Resolution No. 105 is defined:

  • the conditions and procedure for connection, and resume the subscribers of the System BankID NBU, as well as the procedure for using this system for subscribers and users (individuals);
  • the procedures for remote identification of individuals;
  • the order of transmission of the identification data in the System BankID NBU;
  • requirements for the protection of information in the System BankID NBU;
  • organizational structure of the System BankID NBU.

Relevant editors will allow you to use this system as a tool of identification of physical persons for rendering of banking services (e.g. account opening).

Citizens in the near future, you will be able to remotely banking and other services. To do this, just to make the Bank user connected to the System BankID NBU.

Banks will be able to open accounts to individuals remotely. Other participants — legal entities and non-banking companies — will be able to start the provision of its services remotely by means of the identification using the BankID System of the NBU, which will greatly simplify the procedure for obtaining such services and optimize costs by automating processes and save time potential buyers.

According to information provided by Ukrainian banks as of 01.01.2018, more than 13 million Physical persons-clients of banks use self-service their accounts, including using the client — Internet-Bank. In General, in 2016 the number of customers using self-service their accounts, grew by more than three times.

Due to the spread use by the individuals the client — Internet-Bank System BankID NBU can become a quite widespread tool for remote identification of physical persons — clients of banks of Ukraine under condition of connection of banks to this system.

Now the system is connected “Oschadbank” and “Radabank”, the number of banks is at different stages of preparation, testing, and connection to the system.

Among the commercial participants are the most interested mobile operators and nonbank financial institutions.

Resolution No. 105 shall come into force from 5 November 2018.

We will remind that earlier the national Bank of Ukraine reported that in the process of connecting to the system BankID are 14 banks and operator of lifecell.