Talking to yourself in the third person can contribute to a healthy diet

Разговор с самим собой от третьего лица может способствовать здоровому питанию

Researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of Minnesota has proposed an unusual approach to eating disorders.

A new study published in Clinical Psychological Science, proposes a “conversation with himself”, in particular, from a third party.

They believe that this strategy will help people to prefer healthier food.

“Reflections on their decisions from a third party can improve the ability to achieve goals without being distracted by situational lure,” says the study’s lead author Selina Furman, a doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota.

Scientists have discovered that when a person on a psychological level distanciruemsa, it improves self-control. Attention shifted stimuli.

A researcher from the University of Michigan Ethan Kross believes that this control system has the most simple implementation and efficiency given the regular interaction with cheap and affordable products.


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