Teenagers more active

The mission of Fillactive is to ensure that every girl continues to play sports as a teenager, an age when many factors force her to stop. To achieve this, the organization creates a committed community around them. And in recent years, it’s much easier to get there, listening is much more attentive than their beginning in 2007.
“There is a lot more sensitivity to the problem, for us it makes doors open more easily, when we want to approach partners or schools. We talk about our mission and people listen. Before, we had a lot of hard work to do. Now they are aware of the problem, they know it and want to help us, “says Claudine Labelle, president and founder of Fillactive.

On Wednesday, a large gathering of the organization was held at the Outdoor Base Sainte-Foy, nearly 3500 girls participated. They moved together all morning.

“In Quebec, there is a special dynamic … We are really close to our teachers and our girls! This is where Fillactive worked the most at first. With the V√©lirium at Mont-Sainte-Anne, it allowed us to establish ourselves more. We have a high participation rate here, “says the founder.

More and more present in schools

There are 23 schools in the Capitale-Nationale and 19 schools in Chaudière-Appalaches that offer a program with Fillactive.

“Listening is there and it makes our work easier, but there are still many factors that will cause girls to stop physical activity at puberty … social media or changing body, for example. And the body, it will always change, “says Ms. Labelle.

The founder notes that if girls are not part of the sports teams at their high school, the majority have no other options to move. That’s why the organization moves into schools, and offers another option.

“When we approach a school, it is necessary that the direction embarks, it is necessary that the teachers embark. There are certain things in a school that make the girl move less … Physical education teachers are more aware that girls and boys have different needs, they adapt more. To be able to adapt is what is important. We give them the tools so that they have that look. It’s not fair Fillactive, it’s everyone who has to work together. And that’s how we will succeed in creating change. ”

Fillactive is receiving more and more requests from schools that want to integrate the Fillactive program, and the founder is delighted.

“We want to make sure that the girl has fun, that it is a memorable experience that will ensure that she clings to it all her life. You have to work with your environment so that all the factors that will ensure your success are there, “concludes Ms. Labelle.

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