Telescope TESS opened the third planet

Телескоп TESS открыл уже третью планету

At the annual meeting of the American astronomical society in Seattle, January 7, astronomers announced the discovery of a new planet.

It is reported by Sciencemag.

Warm gaseous planet, which belongs to the so-called mini-Neptune, was discovered through a telescope TESS. The planet, called HD21749b, is one of the three small extrasolar planets discovered by the satellite. HD21749b about three times the diameter of the Earth. It revolves around an orange dwarf star at a distance of 53 light-years from Earth. The density of the exoplanet is comparable to the density of water. This means that it is unlikely it is a rocky planet like Earth, although it may have some rocky areas. She’s also way hotter than our home planet, because it orbits its sun — HD21749 approximately half the distance from the Sun to mercury.

It was first spotted by NASA satellite Transiting Exoplanet Survey, which was launched in April 2018. This probe is intended to search for mini-eclipses that occur when planets pass in front of the star-hosts for the observer from Earth.

Recall, TESS was placed in orbit by carrier rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX. The tasks of the telescope include a study of 200 thousand Stars in search of they planets, including the earth type.