Than Milla Jovovich is engaged in the quarantine

Чем Милла Йовович занимается на карантине

Famous actress enjoys gardening and misses during home isolation.

American actress Milla Jovovich is having a great time during the quarantine, and even jokes about it: “How many days have passed in isolation — 6, 7, 60, or 70?” As you can see, Milla is not optimistic, but instead tries to find advantages in the situation, for example, is actively engaged in gardening and introduces the daughters to their passion.

“The last days were very rainy, we were compelled to go outside and enjoy the sun. Today it finally appeared, and we decided the whole family to go to the garden to harvest vegetables that I grow. We had so much fun!

I’m glad I have the opportunity to demonstrate to the girls where the food we eat, to give them a little practical lessons of life. Another plus outdoor work in the garden is a great physical activity that gives splash the accumulated energy in children”, — commented on the photo mill.

Чем Милла Йовович занимается на карантине


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