That Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman is more badass ? We count the points !

Qui de Captain Marvel ou de Wonder Woman est la plus badass ? On compte les points !

DC Comics VS Marvel, which heroine is the most cool ? We counted the points, and the score is tight…

Finally, the super-heroines have their hour of glory on the big screen ! And not just any ones : Wonder Woman a. k. a Diana Prince, as portrayed by Gal Gadot, on the other hand Captain Marvel a. k. a Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson. Captain Marvel is a super-heroine funny, powerful and surprising in this moment in cinema, and its equivalent in DC Comics will return in Wonder Woman 1984, in which the shoot is done. Two strong women, both by their character than their physical abilities, with each of the powers which have nothing to envy to their male counterparts. So we wanted to compare them to determine which is the more badass… unless there is a draw ? This is what we’ll see !

The costume of super-heroine

For Wonder Woman, the outfit of the senshi is made up of a strapless red very dark with a rim of gold, a belt-gold color and a mini-skirt blue-grey. Boots very high to protect the bare legs and cuffs complete the outfit. Next to Captain Marvel, not an ounce of skin will only appear in the full combination dark blue boots and red gloves, and mask when she is in binary mode.

Qui de Captain Marvel ou de Wonder Woman est la plus badass ? On compte les points !

Verdict ? Wonder Woman has a lot of courage to fight with so little protection on the body. It might be more sexy than Captain Marvel in this outfit, the costume of the latter will be better for the job messy super-heroine. Not to mention that Carol Danvers can change the colors whenever she wants… The point is for Marvel !

The super-powers

Captain Marvel has a list of credentials as long as your arm : it can pass through the space in binary mode, a power immeasurable (we see it destroy an alien spaceship enemy crossing it with his body), projects a discharge of pure energy with his fists, not aging (or extremely slowly). Its equivalent next to DC Comics, the daughter of Hippolyta and the god Zeus, has superhuman strength, can fly in the air and run at a speed outside the norm. Place on a battlefield, it makes the job of a thousand men all by herself.

Qui de Captain Marvel ou de Wonder Woman est la plus badass ? On compte les points !

Verdict ? Another point for Captain Marvel, whose blood Kriyas and the pure energy of the Stone Space flow in the veins. After all, it is none other than the senshi, the most powerful of the MCU… Wonder Woman is certainly a weapon capable of destroying the Gods, a Godkiller, but we assume that Thanos is clearly more dangerous than Ares, and Captain Marvel will beat him flat seam.

The attire

Two eras clash, the 90’s of Carol Danvers and the First World War by Diana Prince. For the first, it is look grunge-rock to the cool, baseball cap and leather jacket. Nothing is very developed, so ! For the second, is out of the great game : tailor, elegant, hat, eye glasses, BCBG, cocktail dress, Wonder Woman has been collecting the outfits of fashion designer.

Qui de Captain Marvel ou de Wonder Woman est la plus badass ? On compte les points !

Verdict ? Sorry, Carol, but Diana wins this round hands down ! Her figure and her outfits would make any aficionado of the green mode.e of jealousy.

The lovers VS the best friend

Diana Prince has a crush for the handsome pilot Steve Trevor, which ran aground on the island of the Amazons during the First World War. He learns to blend into the mass of londoners (more or less conclusive) and it protects it against external dangers. Alas, he died by sacrificing himself with the deadly gas the Doctor’s Poison. Carol Danvers emphasizes his BFF, Maria Rambeau, who is a pilot in the US Air Force. She is a second mother to her daughter Monica, and can always count on his buddy to help him in a mission (as perilous as it is). No time for love stories, Captain Marvel has other cats to whip.

Qui de Captain Marvel ou de Wonder Woman est la plus badass ? On compte les points !

Verdict ? It must be admitted that the history of friendship between Carol and Maria would be our preference… to Have a person we can count on, no matter what happens, that itself is pretty badass to be part of the rare women in the us military air, and who has a daughter as courageous as it is valid.


Lasso magic of Hestia forcing them to tell the truth, the diadem star, bracelets, armour, shield and sword, the outfit of Wonder Woman is complete ! The Amazons of the island of Themyscira is definitely not let their princess from the hands empty… For Captain Marvel, it’s a little different : the weapon, this is it and his fists to pulverize just about anything. Simple but effective.

Qui de Captain Marvel ou de Wonder Woman est la plus badass ? On compte les points !

Verdict ? Still a point to Wonder Woman ! Of course, this means that it cannot do without its many accessories… and that takes nothing away from the fact that all the ones she owns are ultra cool.

The scene is iconic

Any superhero movie deserves a sequence, in which the.the vigilante.e-mark the spirits by committing an action really badass. In Wonder Woman, it is, of course, the moment when Diana crosses the No-Man’s-Land as if the bullets that the camps opposing pulls on it were as harmless as beads and plastics. For Captain Marvel, we admit to having been very impressed when Carol takes off in the space at the end of the film and ravage one of the ships of Ronan the Accuser, putting them into disarray.

Qui de Captain Marvel ou de Wonder Woman est la plus badass ? On compte les points !

Verdict ? Diana Prince wins this round, because Carol Danvers has not yet had scenes that are as iconic as Wonder Woman during the First World War. One of the reviews even coming out of the trenches and moving right in front of it, and it does still not this moment of pure bravery. Let’s hope that Captain Marvel will have his true moment of glory in Avengers Endgame !

The vainqueure is…

Tie game with three points everywhere ! Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are as badass as the other one, and the MCU and the DCEU are very lucky to have women as strong. Only a crossover Marvel/ DC Comics could we say with certainty which of the two would win in a duel, but we would prefer to see them join forces against a common enemy… Who knows, maybe one day !