The 1990s and a new fixed scene at the Loto-Quebec Fireworks Competition

A bath of lights, multiple colors and the music of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls launched the festivities of Loto-Quebec Fireworks 2019, Wednesday evening.
The Roxbury Dance Night opened with a return to the 1990s when neon, leopard and dance music were in the spotlight. The staging of the show is signed by Julie Dombrowski and Fran├žois Pruneau, big names in the dance industry. Then the Montreal pyrotechnic firm Groupe Fiatlux-Ampleman was responsible for lighting the sky at the stroke of 22h.

Earlier in the day, during the show, Le Soleil spoke with the person who animated the evenings. It goes without saying that the installation of the fixed stage was something exciting for the whole band.

“It’s a huge plus. It adds a grandiose effect. We enter universes rather than just the types of dance. It brings me a lot of possibilities that I did not have last year. It allows me to change my costume. Entrances and exits everywhere. It is more complete, among other things because of the installations, “notes Sebastien Potvin, who will be behind Barbada Barbados during the shows.

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