The American company has expanded the plant for the Assembly of electronics in Transcarpathia

Американская компания расширила завод по сборке электроники на Закарпатье

Американская компания расширила завод по сборке электроники на Закарпатье

March 15 will be held the official opening of the second plant of the American company Jabil near Uzhgorod.

The area of the company has doubled – to 47 thousand square meters. Now in the state of the plant more than 3000 people. Over the past two years it has grown to a thousand workers. Jabil plans to increase the Ukrainian state up to 5000, according to

Jabil Uzhgorod plant – part of one of the world’s largest corporations for contract electronics manufacturing Jabil Circuit, Inc. The Corporation is known for that provides services for assembling gadgets for well-known brands such as Philips, HP, Cisco and others.

In General, the Corporation has 120 factories around the world. Plant in Uzhgorod included in the category megasayt (three thousand employees). These are only three in Europe, but only Ukrainian expands. The plant has a complete production cycle, starting with design. 65% of production – Telecom customer. 3% – auto. The rest – different electronics.

Recall the first plant under the Jabil Uzhgorod was opened in 2007, and during that time has produced more than 110 million units of electronics, including 17.5 million mobile phones and over 50 million assemblies for them. Also the plant produces media players Dune HD.

In General, over the last three years in Ukraine was opened more than fifty plants. So, in 2017 in Lviv region opened a new power plant “Elektrokontakt Ukraina” company Nexans.

Also, a growing volume of foreign investments in our country.