The amount of compensation to Ukrainians for the poor quality of electricity

Названа сумма компенсации украинцам за некачественную электроэнергию

The authorities announced the amount of compensation for violation of service quality standards for the provision of electricity. According to the Chairman NKREKU Oksana Krivenko, compensation is provided automatically by recalculating the amounts in the payment within 75 days.

“Compensation: from 100 to 200 UAH for household consumers (with pit), 200 — 600 UAH for non-domestic. The company determines which customers it should provide compensation, and informs the consumer.If within the deadline no compensation is provided, the amount of compensation increases,” — said the head of the Commission.

She also explained that failure to comply with the standard is considered a violation regarding:

  • for issuance of technical conditions on accession;
  • of electricity supply restoration;
  • check counter;
  • response to written requests;
  • electric power quality

Recall from 2019, the authorities changed the rules of payment for electricity for Ukrainians. From January 1 to launch two of the contract for electricity for its supply and distribution. While to go somewhere and sign a new contract is not required, and the cost of a kilowatt should remain unchanged. Changes are implemented through the new law “On electricity market”. Note that now Ukraine has registered almost 700 suppliers of electricity.

Earlier the lawyer step by step described how not to pay for substandard utility services and to save their money. Experts have compared the Ukrainian electricity tariffs with the European ones. It turned out that Ukrainians pay for electricity is six times less than the average European price.