The anticoagulants to the rescue of patients with the COVID-19

Les anticoagulants au secours des patients atteints de la COVID-19

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The effect was particularly marked among the patients who are most ill and in need of help of artificial breathing.

The addition of anticoagulants to the treatment of patients with the COVID-19 seems to greatly increase their chances of survival and reduce the period of time before they are recovered, according to researchers from the hospital new york’s Mount Sinai hospital.

Based on the analysis of about 3000 patients admitted since mid-march, the researchers found that the average length of patient survival is increased from 14 days to 21 days with the addition of blood thinners, according to the website Medscape.

The effect was particularly marked among the patients who are most ill and who needed the aid of artificial breathing : the mortality rate has plunged from 62.7% to 29.1 % with anticoagulant therapy. The average length of survival is increased from nine days to 21 days.

A responsible officer of Mount Sinai has indicated that all the patients infected by SARS-CoV-2 who will be admitted will now receive a combination of anticoagulation, unless medical contraindications.

The COVID-19 seems to favor the formation of clots, but the exact role of anticoagulants in the fight against the disease remains to be clarified.

The study was published in the ” Journal of the American College of Cardiology “.

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