The artists did not receive royalties for the mural to “Osokorki” — journalist

Художники не получили гонорары за мурал на «Осокорках» — журналистка

Художники не получили гонорары за мурал на «Осокорках» — журналистка

Foreign artists did not receive royalties for the murals at the metro station “Osokorky”, says the journalist of STB Alain Lunkov. UAH 1.7 million of the 3.6 million spent on the murals at the station, according to the tender had to go to pay for the work of artists.

According to Langkawai, a survey of artists showed that none of them received a fee.

According to the state Secretary of the Ministry of information policy Artem Bidenko, the funds were spent on the tickets, payment of artists and paint.

“Just for the lifts took 600 thousand UAH instead of the planned 150 thousand. A lot of money went on tickets, the artists refused to use economy class — it is their right, they consider themselves the world’s elite, so it was a premium or business class. Under each number you have receipts,” — says Bidenko.

According to the journalist, the Ministry said that some artists wanted to fly with their wives, and some were asked to “shoot from the PM, AK, SVD”. To request Legkovoy Bidenko promised to provide all receipts.

The winner and performer of the tender — FLP Denis Maceluch, which, as found by the journalist confirmed that he is an old friend of Minister of information policy Yuri Stec.

Murals created to “strengthen national unity”, presented in the night of December 19.

We will remind, in October at the metro station “Osokorki” artists began to create a new mural, but the residents of the district turned out for him in the police. It was also reported that on Osokorki a portrait of the famous Ukrainian actor, the image of a red cat and animals from the red book.

Note that the mural was transferred to the balance of the metro.