The author of “Game of thrones” said he was ready to finish writing the sixth novel

Автор «Игры престолов» заявил, что готов дописать шестой роман

The Creator of “Game of thrones” George R. R. Martin decided to dilute the incessant negativity on the Internet the good news. The writer has intrigued fans of fantasy work on my new book.

Coronavirus is not passed the world-famous writer George R. R. Martin. 71-year-old author in connection with his old age, tries to avoid public places and remain at home in quarantine. But do not despair! George decided to turn the situation in a good way.

The writer stated that isolation quarantine will give him the opportunity to write a new book, “winter Wind”. This he hinted to fans on his blog.

“Honestly, now I spend more time in Westeros than in the real world. Write every day”, — said Martin.

He also added that “in the Seven Kingdoms, it’s pretty grim. But not as much as we have.” Internet users have reacted to the news about the new book and began to actively discuss the estimated release date of the novel. And not surprising, because George had us pretty to wait.

Previous book published in 2011. Fans of science fiction almost 9 years of waiting for the continuation of the great adventures and a whole history of another world. The writer works hard on writing the penultimate novel of the series “a Song of Ice and Fire”. By the way, it made TV series “Game of Thrones”. And now, based on recent events in the world, the fans have all the chances to wait for the release of a new book of the author by mid-2020.

George Martin understands what is at risk of infection from the new virus COVID-19. Recently in his blog, he said that he decided to take all precautions and to leave the audience. “I went to a distant isolated place, where there is one of my employees, don’t go out into town and not Dating anyone” — wrote George.


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