The beer turned into disinfectant for CIP

De la bière transformée en désinfectant pour des CPE

De la bière transformée en désinfectant pour des CPE

Isaac Tremblay, business development manager at the Hole of the devil, and Philippe Leblanc, president of the distillery Mariana, in front of the still has a capacity of 4500 litres used for the distillation.


May 8, 2020 4: 00

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The beer turned into disinfectant for CIP

De la bière transformée en désinfectant pour des CPE

De la bière transformée en désinfectant pour des CPE

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Louiseville — Two companies in the region mostly identified with the moods festive unite in support of child care services who will take life from Monday. Decidedly, this damned COVID-19 force the exploration of pathways that are unexpected.

In the space of a month, the microbrewery and The devil’s Hole Shawinigan and the Distillery Mariana Louiseville have established a plan that will culminate with the distribution of 1000 litres of disinfectant, without charge, five early childhood centres within a ten days.

It must be remembered that at the beginning of the health crisis, producers of alcohol have been highly solicited to contribute to the production of antiseptic gel. The Distillery Mariana has also been contacted by a montreal company that manufactures the disinfectant for the food processing sector.

In fact, the fear of shortage was such a problem that the devil’s Hole was also asked to produce beer not to be consumed as usual, but to be distilled for the manufacture of disinfectant products!

“I asked myself why we brasserait beer for it while we were already asleep, due to the closure of bars and restaurants,” says Isaac Tremblay, project manager at the Hole of the devil.

“We had the COVID in the teeth, like everything in the world. Rather than not to deliver a beer that is optimal for the resumption of activities, we have preferred to contribute to the war effort by supplying the alcohol.”

The Conseil régional de l’environnement de la Mauricie has caused the mesh to the realization of this project with his initiative of circular economy. A product manufactured in the region, as well as local businesses.

“We had already dedicated our alembic for the production of ethyl alcohol (85 % purity) for the disinfectant,” says Philippe Leblanc, president of the Distillery Mariana. “We braked a bit, it was the cost of the raw material. We buy sugar and we distill alcohol, but we can’t sell to cover our costs of operation. As the devil’s Hole was ready to provide us with the raw material to be distilled, our expenditure was greatly reduced.”

The brewer shawiniganais has given not less than 5000 litres of beer in the keg or bottled for this project, hops, which was waiting for the opening of the terraces in the warehouse. This gift has produced about 200 litres of pure alcohol at 85 %, in which the Distillery Mariana has added almost 800 litres. The grouping Gelamain Quebec will take care of the final processing to produce 1000 litres of disinfectant for the hands, which will be bottled next week.

“The people use this gel as never before,” said Mr. Leblanc. “A lot of companies want to do, but there was a break of production of ethyl alcohol in the market.”

The distillery louisevilloise product at full regime since the beginning of the health crisis. The decision of the government of Quebec to maintain the branches of the Société des alcools open has stimulated the sales of its products. In fact, Mr. Leblanc estimated to be around 20 % the effect of the COVID-19, beyond the natural growth of the young company.

“This is our way of giving back to the community, which encourages us by supporting the “buy local”, raises it.

The times are more difficult for the devil’s Hole, which loses 40 % of its sales, with the closure of restaurants and bars, including the performance hall of the avenue of the Station, and the cancellation of a countless number of festivals. At least, the increase in sales in grocery and convenience stores, between 15 % and 20 %, to compensate a little.

Unexpected donation

The two companies have chosen to CPE in the region to receive the fruit of their initiative. They will share 200 bottles of disinfectant of five litres each. By the end of the month, they will go to the CPES Ride the small Turret of the energy, The Pipandor and La Bottine souriante from Shawinigan, just as the daycare Doodles Louiseville.

“It is a key service for the restart of the economy”, noted Mr. Tremblay. “Enforcing the standards of distancing the children, this will not be evident. This will be an overload of incredible work.”

This gift is obviously well received by the Regroupement des CPE Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, through the demanding preparations for this autumn special, on Monday.

“It’s a nice attention to the Hole of the devil and the Distillery Mariana,” says Lucie Therriault, director-general of the organization. “They give the following to allow to CPE to get 200 bottles of five litres for free! It is a nice recognition for one of our organizations.”

Ms. Therriault said that, in normal times, all these environments are special attention to disinfection, but this concern will be greatly increased in time of a pandemic.

Of course, both alcohol producers that work overnight don’t spend their days speaking only of hand sanitizer.

“We will work together on a product that might come out in the fall”, adds Mr. Tremblay. “This is a story to follow… This will not be for washing the hands, but to wash the hoses!”

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