The beginning of the month of may

La rentrée du mois de mai

La rentrée du mois de mai

The children of the family Dupont-Daigneault head back to school Monday morning, with a bag much more lightweight and different expectations.


May 11, 2020 4: 00


The beginning of the month of may

La rentrée du mois de mai

La rentrée du mois de mai

Judith Desmeules

The Sun

The school bag is ready for those who have made the choice to return to the classroom! Finally, the bag is not very heavy for the back to school special of may, the children may not bring large-thing.

Last week, in its paper edition of 2 may, The Sun had discussed it with a few families to know their choices : to return their child to school or keep home?

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On the eve of the big day, Sophie Dupont had not changed his idea, his three children took the way to school Monday morning, with a bag much more lightweight and different expectations.

“The elder was very eager to return to, the one in the middle is neutral and the last, it does not attempt too much. But it is too small to understand the issue,” says the mom.

The children attend the school Anne-Hébert. The teacher of the last kindergarten, Mathis, took the time last week to show the new class to the children via the application Zoom. They were able to see the new offices far away from each other and the different stations for disinfecting hands. The day of the return, the surprise was going to be less great.

“For the bigger ones, they received an e-mail with a video of the school, but we had less than communications with teachers”, also indicates Sophie Dupont, which may have preferred more contact.

The mother chose to send his children to school because she is of the opinion that it will be good to find a routine. “It is, in any opening, if I see that the operation does not make sense, I do not exclude the possibility of bringing them back.”

Parents are reassured their children as possible, and have explained that the rules will not be the same. “We prepared them, they understand. At school, I would have liked for example that we present the rules in a positive way to young people, to preserve them of our concerns of adults. It could be something exciting, new to make it pleasant. But this is presented as something flat.”

The step too far for the family was the babysitting service. “Considering all the constraints of the movements, my kids move a lot, I decided to rearrange my schedule to not send them. It’s going to be gymnastics, but we’re going to do,” says she.


On the side of Cynthia Roussel, the three children of primary school age will stay at home with the great of the secondary. “I do not regret my choice. I still find that there is too much uncertainty, the formula is not attractive.”

The father of the children has been working in a ltc facility who deals with the cases of COVID-19, the choice of the family is based in part on the desire to protect the other.

However, they will need to see friends return to the path of the school without them.

“I explained to them, they asked questions. They are not alone in their class it is about half-and-half. They have close friends who do not return not more then it helps,” says Cynthia Roussel.

Children of seven, nine and eleven years attend the school of the Grande-Hermine. They will need to continue their school career at home.

“I had a good communication with at least two teachers. The kids have talked about Zoom with them. They make a good follow-up in spite of everything they need to do. From what I understand, the school specialists will help for the follow-up to the house, it’s going to help.”

The largest of the primary has to deal with learning problems, it is, therefore, anxious to finish the year at home. His mom is however reassuring, it is believed that he will get the help they need to be ready for the start of September.

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