The Block calls for assistance to seniors

Le Bloc réclame une aide aux aînés

The leader of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet

April 24, 2020 20h48

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The Block calls for assistance to seniors

Le Bloc réclame une aide aux aînés

Jean-François Néron

The Sun


The leader of the Bloc Quebec, Yves-François Blanchet, press the Trudeau government to financially support the elders that it deems to be the forgotten greats of the help of the federal government. At the approach of summer, it also maintains that Ottawa needs to better adapt its programs to the needs of the tourism industry.

Mr. Blanchet was “virtually” in the region of Quebec city on Friday to confer with the chambers of commerce and the mayors of the riding of Beauport—Côte-de-Beaupré—Île d’orléans—Charlevoix.

“I wanted to know if the programmes adopted in the emergency by the federal government are effective,” says Sun chief in the context of its provincial tour.

He also wanted to take the pulse of the elect on the plan to end the crisis to put in motion in the medium and long term. “The $ 300 billion released by Ottawa will not return next year. We are working on a platform post-COVID. We must think today about the economic model of tomorrow. What is the protection of the agricultural regime wants to be put in place? How to better manage natural resources? It must be done now”, he insists.

Help tourism

If the economic measures of Ottawa are welcomed, it is still necessary to tighten the mesh of the net, said Mr. Blanchet. For example, he notes that the programs announced to date might be better suited to the tourism industry, an engine of economic importance for regions such as Charlevoix and Quebec city.

“This is an industry fragmented. The needs of ecotourism may not be the same as those of the whale-watching cruises, of the hotelier or the conservator, for an example there.

Seniors in emergency

But most importantly, it knocks always on the nail of the need for emergency aid to the elderly. “I speak to the prime minister in two hours [on Friday, and I’m going to reiterate the importance of agreeing on what they should do. In Quebec, 19% of the population is over 65 years old. This is even more true in the regions. The people most vulnerable to the disease, what are the elders. And they are the only ones for which there is nothing,” said the chief bloquiste.

According to him, the measure lighthouse remains an increase of $ 110 per month of the old-age pension, which is equivalent to $ 4 billion a year. “It is a very small part of what has been announced up to now. We want to advance the living conditions of seniors.” A request he made during the election campaign in the fall of 2019.

High-speed everywhere

More than ever in this era of video conferencing and on-line order, Mr. Blanchet considers it unacceptable that the high speed Internet is not accessible everywhere. “However, it is said to be an essential service. The privilege of place of the fiber-optic comes with the duty to serve the whole territory”, keeps the politician.

Good crisis management

Without wanting to give its assessment of the management of the crisis made by the government of Quebec, Mr. Blanchet is a tribute to the posture of the prime minister, François Legault. “I have a lot of respect for the management of the crisis of Quebec. There is a strong leadership that recognizes the uncertainties and errors. There is a progression in the thinking. And it is normal. It is in the emergency. The government is trying things. It does not hide the figures. He is very frank and honest,” he concludes.

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