The Bold Type season 2 : Motion #MeToo, feminism… The actresses of the series trust ! (EXCLUDED)

Feminist, engaged, funny, and passionate, melty has had the opportunity to meet the cast of The Bold Type for a interview shifted to discover below !

The festival of Monte-Carlo is over, but it continues to offer us a few surprises since even if the season finale of season 2 of The Bold Type has been released recently, you can still see its actresses in our exclusive interview above. Katie Stevens (Jane), Aisha Dee (Kat), Meghann Fahy (Sutton) and Melora Hardin (Jacqueline) are all 4 assigned to the micro melty and as you can see, the good mood was at the appointment. What would they do if they were men ? The series broadcast on Freeform could she have had as much success with male heroes ? Amidst laughter, one element dominates : the respect and the strength of women.

The Bold Type saison 2 : Mouvement #MeToo, féminisme... Les actrices de la série se confient ! (EXCLU)

A cast in gold

As the series has yet been confirmed with the season 2 of The Bold Type, it is a feminist position assumed both by the writers and the characters that are found thanks to Kat, Jane, Sutton, Jacqueline and others. And for actresses, the cause is equally important. “Let’s let the women speak, have a voice. It is quite simple, there is that to treat a woman as if she was the equal of man, because it is a point that is. This is how we can support the movement #MeToo”. Lyrics obvious which, it is hoped, will become more and more and especially for more and more of the world in the months and years to come. And, until this is the case, we can always say that series such as The Bold Type will continue to show the good example.

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