The Brief from Brussels : the environment facing the automobile industry

The Brief from Brussels : l'environnement face à l'industrie automobile

The Brief from Brussels : l'environnement face à l'industrie automobile

Today in The brief from Brussels, we return to the issues of the meeting of 28 ministers of Environment in Brussels. In short, we discuss the three nominees for the Sakharov prize, the question of turbulent of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the new blog of the european Parliament for the victims of sexual harassment in the institution.

CO2 emissions for cars : the european Union divided

In Brussels, the 28 european ministers are divided on the issue of CO2 emissions from cars, between risk to the environment and concern for the competitiveness of the european market.

The day before, an alarming report by the IPCC, the group of international experts on the climate recalled the urgency to act.

The discussions between the ministers focused on the proposal of the european Commission to reduce emissions by 30 per cent carbon cars by 2030. The German minister, Svenja Schulze, supports the proposal, as the automotive sector. But this position is difficult to keep up with the release of the report of the admission of the minister, itself.

Other countries, such as France, the netherlands and Luxembourg want to impose more stringent restrictions, with a reduction in the emission rate of the order of 40%.

Conversely, the eastern european countries supporting the position of Germany, because they are afraid that their markets are suffering from the new restrictions.

Neno Dimov, the Bulgarian minister of the Environment, has said that he could not support “more than 30 % discount”.

“This is the maximum that we can do,” he said before adding : “We believe that this will have a probable influence on the overall competitiveness of the european market”.