The buyer destroyed the paintings by Banksy will not cancel the transaction

							Покупатель уничтоженной картины Бэнкси не будет отменять сделку

The shopper painting by British artist Banksy, which after the sale on October 5 at Sotheby’s auction turned out to be half rugged, decided not to cancel the transaction. The lot will remain in its ownership.

According to Sotheby’s, the owner of the paintings — a collector of Banksy works from one of the European countries. The woman’s name was not disclosed. For the work of street artist she paid 1.36 million dollars.

“When last week came the hammer blow and the work was indented, I was initially shocked, but gradually I began to realize that in the end it will end with the fact that I have [on hand] will be a work significant for the history of art,” said the owner of the picture. She came up with the picture a new name — “Love in the dustbin” instead of “Girl with ball”

According to co-founder MyArtBroker providing services to those wishing to purchase works of modern art, Joey Sayyora, the cost of “spoiled” the work of Banksy can be increased by half.