The Cabinet has left more money “Mystetskyi Arsenal” Dovzhenko Centre

 Кабмин оставил больше денег «Мыстецькому Арсеналу» и Центру Довженко

The Cabinet of Ministers has reduced the proportion of allocations of net profit of “Mystetskyi Arsenal” Dovzhenko Centre from 75% to 30%, write “Ukrainian news”. This decision was taken at a government meeting on Wednesday, November 7.

According to preliminary estimates, the decrease in the share of payments in UAH equivalent will be 107.2 thousand UAH in 2018. It is expected that reducing the size of deductions will allow you to send the saved financial resources for the development of cultural institutions.

The song “Crying” Kazka Ukrainian band entered the top 10 of the global Shazam chart. “Cried” was the first Ukrainian-language song, trapped in the top of the world rankings.

Song ed Sheeran has become the most popular over ten years, according to Spotify. However, the service is not yet available in Ukraine.

Previously, the band Nirvana for the second time in 24 years we were all out in force. From the stage sounded the song Serve The Servants, Scentless Apprentice, In Bloom, Breed, Smells Like Teen Spirit and All Apologies.And Paul McCartney got the first place of the Billboard 200 for the first time in 36 years.