The cafes re-opened in France, a slow recovery of the economy in view of the United States

Les cafés rouvrent en France, lent redressement de l’économie en vue aux États-Unis

Les cafés rouvrent en France, lent redressement de l’économie en vue aux États-Unis

Of Parisians in front of a work of art, titled “This is not an order”. The cafes, bars and restaurants, has reopened with some restrictions next week.


May 28, 2020 22h41


The cafes re-opened in France, a slow recovery of the economy in view of the United States

Michel Moutot

Agence France-Presse

Élodie Cuzin

Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON — ice in Rome and soon the sidewalk cafes in Paris: the Europe continued on Thursday his déconfinement thanks to the recession of the pandemic coronavirus, contrasting with new records broken in Latin America, and the heavy balance sheet of more than 101, 000 deaths in the United States.

On his knees, the american economy has, however, seemed to Thursday to begin a slow recovery with the first decrease since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19, the number of unemployed receiving benefit.

But it remains at a historically high level: 41 million Americans have pointed to the unemployment — sometimes temporarily — since the adoption, in mid-march, massive actions for containment in this country the most grief-stricken of the world by the pandemic.

In France, prime minister Edouard Philippe has announced, in the favour of “good” health outcomes, the re-opening include cafés and restaurants from the 2nd of June, but with restrictions, especially in Paris.

“Freedom, finally, will become the rule, and the prohibition will be the exception”, he said.

At the same time, an outbreak of new cases in South Korea and Sri Lanka illustrates the risks of a resurgence of the pandemic.

Appeared in December in China, it has over 359 000 people died, and more than 5.8 million patients have been diagnosed in the world, according to a statement drawn up by AFP from official sources.

The United States has identified Thursday, 1297 new deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours, depending on the counting day, Johns Hopkins University, which is a reference, at 20: 30 on Thursday.

This brings to 101 573 the total number of deaths that beset the country, by far the most grief-stricken by the pandemic, the symbolic threshold of 100 000 lives having been taken the day before.

After you have tweeted and retweeted more than forty times on other topics, from the crossing of this threshold, without referring to the president, Donald Trump has presented Thursday its condolences to the relatives of people who died of the virus. Since the first death of the COVID-19 announced in late February, the United States recorded more than 1.7 million cases, according to the count updated in a continuous process from the Johns Hopkins University.

The experts, including the immunologist Anthony Fauci, counsellor of the White House, agreed, however, to say that reviewing officials are likely to be below the reality.

Seoul restores restrictions

On Thursday, the new cases in South Korea and Sri Lanka have reinforced concerns on the possible “second wave” of contamination, that fear all countries.

In Korea, 79 new cases have been detected in a day, the highest number since 5 April. The Korean authorities, including the response to the pandemic has been erected as a model of efficiency, were immediately recovered from the restrictions that they had recently exercised.

In Sri Lanka, targeted measures for containment are going to be put back in place, after that 252 of Sri Lanka of a group of 460 returned in the week of Kuwait were tested positive.

New cases have also been found in a naval base near Colombo, where 771 sailors and their loved ones have been tested positive, nearly half of the 1524 cases reported at the national level.

Over 175 000 deaths in Europe

In Europe, where more than 175,000 people have already succumbed to the disease, the movement of déconfinement accelerates to the favour of indicators declining in all countries.

The european Commission unveiled Wednesday a plan to boost the exceptional of 750 billion euros (1.16 billion $), the largest ever to be referred to by the 27. Yet to negotiate the terms.

The first beneficiaries would be two countries especially bereaved by the pandemic, Italy and Spain.

In France, the prime minister has detailed the second phase of the plan déconfinement.

As of the 2nd of June will be the lifting of the restrictions of movement within the country, and cafés, bars and restaurants, closed since the 15th of march, may re-open subject to conditions, except in the paris region, where only the terraces will be able to accommodate guests.

On the same day, museums and monuments will be allowed to reopen anywhere in France. The mask will be mandatory, such as in theatres and cinemas. Swimming pools and sports facilities will also reopen gradually, as well as the schools in the country.

But the gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people, the big events are still suspended.

The british prime minister Boris Johnson on Thursday announced a new easing of the containment as early as next week in England.

The countries of southern Europe, where tourism represents a significant share of GDP, also announce one after the other the end of the restrictive measures.

Rome argues that the June 15 will be adopted throughout the EU as the date of re-opening of internal borders.

Emergency in Latin America

In Brazil, by contrast, the emergency remains to attempt to control the pandemic. The country has exceeded Wednesday for the fifth time in 1,000 deaths a day (1086 Wednesday).

Yet the State of São Paulo, powerhouse of the brazilian economy, announced that “the recovery is well-reasoned, of certain economic activities” on Monday. The hospitals of this State are currently dangerously close to the saturation, but this reboot will be fine-tuned according to the health situation of each municipality.

Peru’s neighbor, among other Latin american countries hard hit, broke on Wednesday his record of death (195).

In the whole of Latin America, the pandemic is spreading in particular in the slums, where millions of residents are unable to comply with the preventive measures, the risk of dying of hunger.

Russia from its side has surpassed Thursday the threshold of the 4,000 official deaths due to the coronavirus, and announced to see the confirm the slowdown of the daily number of new infections.

But in St. Petersburg, the second largest city in the country and the second site is the most affected after Moscow and its region, many of the patients for the coronavirus continue to pour in, according to multiple sources.

In the air transport sector, bled white with grounded planes in the world, the british company EasyJet announced Thursday the elimination of 4,500 jobs and the national airline of kuwait in the dismissal of 1500 expatriates.

In the automotive industry, Nissan has announced the closure of its plant in Barcelona, which employs some 3000 people, while Renault is considering the elimination of about 15,000 jobs in the world, with 4600 in France, according to sources close to consistent.


Les cafés rouvrent en France, lent redressement de l’économie en vue aux États-Unis

In a market in Mexico, to employees of the food market clear plastic sheeting to protect the goods.



A town hall and several buildings were attacked Thursday in a wave of violence in an indigenous village in Mexico, in the wake of rumors about coronavirus propagated on Facebook, said local authorities.

“Thirty people, approximately, 30 vulgar offenders have tried to deceive people in Venustiano Carranza by making them believe that the problem of the COVID-19 did not exist”, declared the governor of the State of Chiapas, Rutilio Escandón, in a video posted on social networks.

The origin of this attack against the town hall, a commercial building and three houses, statements on Facebook, relayed by local media, according to which “the coronavirus does not exist”, and that a drone had been shot to death on Sunday while he poured out a white powder drying out the lungs.

This text, full of references to policies, evoked a “chemical attack” sponsored by the regional authorities against the ethnic group tzotzil.

This is not the first wave of violence registered in Mexico since the beginning of the epidemic. Other protests took place in communities located in the States of Michoacán and Oaxaca on the occasion of disinfection operations.

With 120 million inhabitants, Mexico is the second country in Latin America with the largest number of dead after Brazil, which has more than 9000 deaths. AFP

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