The Canadian majority to approve the déconfinement

Les Canadiens majoritaires à approuver le déconfinement

Les Canadiens majoritaires à approuver le déconfinement

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May 5, 2020 14h43

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The Canadian majority to approve the déconfinement

The canadian Press

While the provinces are slowly starting to relax their containment measures, a new survey suggests that Canadians are generally satisfied with the pace adopted by their government.

In most of the provinces that have already engaged in the déconfinement, between 60 % and 70 % of respondents are in favour of these measures, while 16 % to 30 % would like to see their government to slow down a bit.

In Quebec, which has the largest number of cases of COVID-19 in Canada, the government allows some businesses to reopen outside of Montreal. Quebec wants to reopen the sectors of manufacturing and construction the next week. But prime minister François Legault announced on Monday that the reopening of the stores not essential in the Montreal area would be postponed at least a week.

Ontario, with the second largest number of confirmed cases in the country, allows the partial reopening of some businesses are seasonal. Manitoba has gone a step further, allowing limited access to libraries, museums and terraces of the restaurants.

The survey indicates that, in Quebec, 30% of respondents would like the province to slow the not. In Ontario, this rate is 22 %.

But in Alberta, who plans to allow the re-opening of some retail stores, restaurants and day care centers as of may 14, the people seem less comfortable with the speed with which things are changing: 50% of respondents would like the province to slow the not.

The survey, conducted by Leger for the Association for canadian studies between the 1st and the 3rd of may, surveyed 1526 canadian adults and 1002 american adults recruited randomly from its online panel. The experts in the research and the methodology believe that it is impossible to assign a margin of error of a poll carried out online, since the method of sampling is non-probabilistic.

“Alberta is a little different,” said Christian Bourque, vice-president of Léger. “Everywhere else, people seem to be in tune with what their government has announced.”

Mr. Bourque has been surprised by the latest results, given that surveys similar to the past few weeks indicated that Canadians wanted that important steps are taken before the lifting of measures of distance-physical, such as the development of a vaccine or a period of two weeks without any new cases of COVID-19. “I was expecting people to be even more careful.”

In the latest survey, 28 % reported that they would feel comfortable lifting the restrictions if there were only sporadic cases and no pressure on the health system.

One of the reasons for the acceptance of the provincial plans of re-opening gradual may be the constant support and the confidence that respondents expressed in their governments, which remained high throughout the epidemic in canada, ” said Mr. Bourque. Thus, 88 % of quebec respondents said they were satisfied of the measures put in place by François Legault. This satisfaction rate is 87 % in the Atlantic provinces, and 85 % in Ontario.

The other reason for the haste of Canadians to “reopen” may be that people start to drop the guard when it comes to follow the instructions. The poll suggests that Canadians generally have less fear that at the end of march to catch the virus, or that of a close the contracts.

At the end of march, 27 % of Canadians reported not to have complied with at least one of the measures of public health in the previous two weeks; this number increased to 35 % a month later, in the latest survey.

This is mainly because people are a little more likely to visit their friends and to their family now, said Mr. Bourque. Last week, only 16% reported having done so; this week, it was 18 %. “More and more people are struggling to do what the government ask them to do,” he said.

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