The cannabis may combat the coronavirus

Le cannabis pourrait combattre le coronavirus

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The cannabis extracts used do, however, have nothing to do with the cannabis available on the market.

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Some cannabis extracts can fight the coronavirus in reducing the number of locks that it can pick to enter in human cells, found researchers in alberta.

Drs Igor and Olga Kovalchuk, University of Lethbridge, have identified a dozen extracts that bind to the proteins that the virus uses to penetrate into cells.

“In short, we have found a number of cannabis varieties that reduce the expression of the receptor ACE2 as a main entrance for the virus that causes the COVID-19, the doctor said Kovalchuk. This means that the virus has less chance to enter the cells […] which greatly reduces the risk of infection. “

In some cases, the number of these “gateways” are open to the virus was reduced by more than 70 %.

If you can regulate the receptors, said dr Kovalchuk, fewer people will be ill, and among those the will, the complications will be more rare.

The two researchers, however, indicated that these extracts have nothing to do with the cannabis available on the market. It is extracts are specially cultivated, rich in CBD and low in THC. They have also identified other extracts which, in contrast, may worsen the condition of patients.

Therefore, it is highly not recommended to anyone to try to use cannabis to cope with the virus.

The exact mechanism that comes into play is not entirely clear, but the extracts rich in CBD, and their anti-inflammatory properties seemed to be usually the most effective.

Dr. Kovalchuk said that these extracts contain multiple molecules, and that, even if they are rich in CBD, the CBD is probably not the only one responsible for the beneficial effect observed.

“We may need several years before they understand what is happening, he said. The research, is discovery. “

The couple studied for many years the potential utility of cannabis extracts in the face of various diseases including an inflammatory component important, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or irritable bowel syndrome.

It is Olga who, in response to the pandemic, has had the idea of peeling their data in search of extracts that could inhibit the SARS-CoV-2.

“Since this virus is an infection, inflammation is part of it “, the doctor explained Kovalchuk.

The two researchers recently published a scientific article which, according to them, demonstrates that cannabis extracts can reduce the expression of pro-inflammatory molecules that are responsible for the storm cytokinique which can severely damage patients with the COVID-19.

The extracts have not been tested in the laboratory. We could possibly consider the development of mouthwashes and rinses, to gargle, products to inhale or capsules.

The researchers are currently seeking the necessary funding to organize clinical trials in humans.

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