The CAQ wants to ban cannabis under 21 this fall

In addition to banning cannabis sweets, the Coalition avenir Qu├ębec (CAQ) still intends to raise the legal age to consume marijuana from 18 to 21 years old, as promised during the election campaign last year. .
“We are staying the course and we hope that the opposition parties will collaborate in the adoption of Bill 2 this fall,” said Minister Delegate for Health and Social Services Lionel Carmant, in an interview with the Sun .

Initially, Minister Carmant had predicted that the tightening of the Cannabis Framework Act would be passed in March, but it still is not. This is not because his government intends to back down on the issue, he assures. Mr. Carmant points to the 70 hours spent this spring in a parliamentary committee studying the bill. The Liberal Party of Quebec, which wants the legal age to consume cannabis remains at 18, had many questions to ask.

Bill 2 also provides for the prohibition of smoking marijuana in the street or on the sidewalk. The minister explains that he wants to avoid the trivialization of this drug among adolescents.

The objective of the edible products regulation is to prevent accidental poisoning in young children, who could confuse these products with chocolate or regular cakes.

Minister Carmant explains that a major information campaign on the new rules surrounding cannabis is being prepared at the Ministry of Health and will be released once the law and regulations are adopted.

He also plans to work with the Ministry of Education and community organizations to do prevention on the effects of this drug in schools.

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