The casting of the Angels 11 unveiled, Thomas (LVDA3) offers a new operation of plastic surgery… Have you followed the news tv this week ? #45

Le casting des Anges 11 dévoilé, Thomas (LVDA3) s'offre une nouvelle opération de chirurgie esthétique... As-tu bien suivi l'actualité télé cette semaine ? #45

Published 7 hours Published on 9 nov. 2018 14:00:08Ecrit by Amandine J.

This week, it has happened a lot of things in the news and tv ! But have you really followed all the twists and turns of these last days ? Hurry the test !

1. What new match has been discovered in 10 couples perfect 2 ?

  • has

    Lorenzo / Noée

  • b

    Tony / Melanie

  • c

    Selim / Jess

  • d

    Sergio / Mia