The Church, which divides Kiev and Moscow

L'Eglise qui divise Kiev et Moscou

L'Eglise qui divise Kiev et Moscou

The religion at the heart of a new battle between Russia and the Ukraine.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople was recognized Thursday, an orthodox Church independent Ukraine. A historic decision that put an end to 332 years of tutelage religious Russian in the country.

If the decision has been welcomed by the Ukrainian president mr poroshenko, Moscow speaks of “catastrophe,” denounces a “schism” and to warn that such a decision would have “extremely serious consequences”.

Often tense, relations between the two Churches have been exacerbated with the Ukrainian-Russian crisis marked by the annexation of Crimea by Russia in march 2014, followed by the conflict in the East pro-Russian separatist in the Ukraine, which has claimed more than 10,000 deaths.

The holy synod in Istanbul has also decided to restore its function, Patriarch Filaret Denisenko. The man had been excommunicated by Moscow in 1991 because he had just created the Ukrainian orthodox Church.

Other decision taken : the revocation of the legal provisions of 1686 related to the metropolis of Kiev to the Moscow Patriarchate.

The Patriarch and the president ukrainians want to be reassuring : everyone will be free to attend whatever Church he wants.

If the Patriarchate of Constantinople is the oldest, it is Moscow that has the largest number of the faithful and parishes. The loss of his influence in Ukraine carries a serious blow to its status in the orthodox world.

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