The coast of the Azov sea attacked by giant creatures

Побережье Азовского моря атаковали гигантские существа

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Recently in the area of Berdyansk there was a storm and jellyfish in huge quantities washed up on the shore. The beaches are literally strewn all over the jellyfish.

Holiday many Ukrainians were damaged, reports

Побережье Азовского моря атаковали гигантские существа

Giant jellyfish, reaching five feet in diameter, scaring vacationers and hunt fish so-iny mullet and anchovy, which is full of Azov.

So the network began to frequently repeat the same question. “Why are there so many jellyfish in the sea of Azov?”.

Versions quite a lot – from climate change to toxic waste dumping. But scientists explained that the invasion of the jellyfish that the salinity of the Azov sea change. When it rises, jellyfish from the Black sea immediately migrate to the sea of Azov.

Побережье Азовского моря атаковали гигантские существа

Ecologist Basil Spring said that the last 20 years salinity of the Azov sea fell, and now beginning to grow again.

“This salty sea of Azov was 40 years ago. The salt concentration is 14 ppm. So jellyfish was really more,” says Spring, adding that in 90-e years when Medusa left the basics, the salt concentration has fallen to 9.5 ppm. In General, nothing unusual, talking about natural cycles.

Most often suffer from contact with the jellyfish children as well as adults with low weight. But full of jellyfish people almost never sting.

Побережье Азовского моря атаковали гигантские существа

It is worth noting, jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo or kornerot — a typical inhabitant of the Adriatic, Mediterranean, Black and Azov seas. Typically, the organisms reach 40 cm in diameter, but there were also instances of up to 90 cm in diameter and weighing up to 10 lbs. the jellyfish’s Venom — rhizotomy — for man is not dangerous but can provoke a reaction similar to the one that causes nettle: irritation, redness of the skin, which is usually held during the day. Specific treatment is not required. Place irritation is enough to wash under running water.

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