The competition in Higher anti-corruption court – it Became known how many candidates applying for one position

Конкурс в Высший антикоррупционный суд - Стало известно сколько кандидатов претендуют на одну позицию

Higher qualification Commission of judges of Ukraine (VCXO) received 1001, the application competitions in the Supreme and Supreme anti-corruption courts. About it reports a press-service VCXO.

The average number of candidates who apply for one post – about nine.

“As of September 24, 2018, the Commission received 1001 statement with a package of documents, of which 659 — for the second contest in the Supreme Court and 342 in Higher anti-corruption court. The average competition for one position is 8 candidates and 9 candidates for one seat in the said courts respectively”, – stated in VCXO.

In the second contest of the total number of filings in the Supreme court, the Commission received 62% of applications from judges, 17% of applications from scientists, 14% of the statements from the lawyers and 7% of candidates with total experience.

Inside the contest to the Supreme court competition is as follows:

  • 181 statement of cassation civil court of 23 vacant posts;
  • 180 statements in the criminal court of cassation of 13 vacant posts;
  • 172 statements in the appeal administrative court of 26 vacant posts;
  • 125 of the applications of the cassation economic court on 16 vacant posts.

Documents for participation in competition in Higher anti-corruption court from the total number submitted 45% of judges, 34% of attorneys, 14% academics and 7% candidates with total experience.

In Higher anti-corruption court candidates were divided as follows:

  • 102 statement of 12 positions to the Appeals chamber of the Supreme court anti-corruption;
  • 240 applications by 27 positions in the Higher anti-corruption court.

As reported on our website earlier, there was a decision, whereby it became known how many judges will be in the Higher anti-corruption court.