The confinement difficult to enforce in the HLM

Le confinement difficile à faire respecter dans les HLM

April 23, 2020 4: 00


The confinement difficult to enforce in the HLM

Le confinement difficile à faire respecter dans les HLM

Denis Villeneuve, a journalist with the Initiative of journalism local

The Daily


The containment mandatory imposed by the public Health starts to be difficult to bear for the tenants of the 3,500 homes in a low-rental housing (HLM) managed by the Office municipal d’habitation Saguenay-Fjord.

Adam Boivin, director of the OMH-Saguenay-Fjord, acknowledges that, with the arrival of the beautiful days of spring, the pressure rises, within the buildings of high density, so that tenants are beginning to have the taste of moving, to get together and relive the detriment of the containment and distancing. “We feel that with the nice weather, people are starting to be tanned and want to get out. The next few weeks are going to be tough. “

For the past two weeks, the OMH has hired security officers assigned to the entrance of the nine buildings in the territory, the most imposing of 8 to 22 h, as the buildings of Smith street, Lafontaine, etc, ” We want to be able to control and limit the flow of traffic in the buildings. We know that there is a social life within the buildings, as people play cards. It does reminders, but these agents are picking up. It is intended to protect the customers of 70 years and more, ” says Mr. Boivin.

Over the next few days, the role of these security officers should be expected to evolve as they need to denounce the people who do not comply with the teams of social workers from the OMH.


The approach to the 1st July, the date of renewal of the land leases, the OMH, in collaboration with the Service de police de Saguenay and the CIUSSS, working on the development of a protocol to govern the operations of moving.

According to the explanations given, a check will be made to limit the number of friends or relatives who will come to lend a hand with the move. Notices will be issued to the tenants, neighbours and the police to warn them that there will be a move by mentioning the exact address of the housing while requiring them to remain in their homes. After that the apartment will have been cleaned, a team of the OMH will conduct a cleaning operation.

Of course, the traditional meals consisting of pizza and beer will be banned.

Mr. Boivin recalls that since the beginning of the pandemic, the OMH has adopted several measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 with the installation of hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances of the buildings, the posters of prevention and a call service by the workers ‘ community relations who are in their third tour.

These measures are expensive and therefore it is considered that additional sums should be added to the budget by the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ).

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