The contagion the coronavirus is accelerating in the United States

Les contagions au coronavirus s’accélèrent aux États-Unis

Les contagions au coronavirus s’accélèrent aux États-Unis

A person is taking their temperature before entering an Apple store in Brooklyn, New York.


June 25, 2020 22h49


The contagion the coronavirus is accelerating in the United States

Ivan Crown

Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON — After a long “plateau” pandemic COVID-19 gaining momentum in a huge part of the United States and is also increased in Latin America, particularly in Mexico and Brazil, where the balance sheets of the daily deaths continue to climb.

In Europe, the situation is far from being as severe, but cities and neighbourhoods are again confined in the face of new outbreaks, especially in business.

Texas, devoted to freedoms and State in the u.s. the largest in the country, had started to reopen on the 1st of may, but the head of the local executive, the governor-Greg Abbott, decided on Thursday not to proceed to the following steps of déconfinement because of the increase in total hospitalizations related to coronavirus.

This great State has reported Thursday 5996 new cases of coronavirus, a new record.

“The last thing we want is to go back and close the shops”, stated, however, the elected republican.

It is, however, the new fear of many american officials, a large section covering the South and the West, who observe since a few weeks their hospitals fill with sick of the COVID-19 and wonder if it should not, at a minimum, to make mandatory the wearing of masks in public. The Nevada comes from the decree for all closed public spaces, and therefore in the casinos of Las Vegas, starting on Friday.

It is as if the film had taken place in the North-East and particularly in New York city in the spring is rejouait, but in one part of the country that are less dense, which was déconfinée confident after cru to escape the worst.

20: 00, the country had over 37 000 newly diagnosed cases and 692 deaths for the day Thursday, according to the figures of the Centres for prevention and disease control (CDC).

Experts have warned that more than three-tens of thousands of new cases are now detected each day are the vanguard of an explosion of exponential contagion.

“With the time, these people will begin to be hospitalized, and they will start to die”, said the epidemiologist of Harvard William Hanage. “It will take maybe a few weeks or more, but it will happen. And don’t forget that this is happening in a population that is much greater than that which broke out the homes of spring”.

A second wave was dreaded for the fall and winter, in conjunction with the seasonal flu, but it is a summer wave that draft. While only 5% to 8% of the population has been contaminated since the beginning of the pandemic, consider the u.s. health authorities.

Peak still to come in the Americas

In total, the pandemic has made 485 549 deaths officially recorded in the world, according to an assessment of theAFP Thursday at 20: 30. After the United States, it is Brazil that has suffered the most deaths (54 971).

Mexico said Thursday that more than 25,000 died of the virus and some 200 000 people infected since the beginning of the epidemic in this country of 127 million inhabitants, according to the authorities.

The threshold of ten million cases of COVID-19 in the world should be reached next week while the pandemic has not yet reached its peak in the region of the Americas, warned the WHO.

More than half of the nearly 105 000 people dead in the Caribbean and Latin America have been recorded in Brazil.

The australian army announced on Thursday the deployment of 1,000 soldiers in Melbourne, the second most populous city of the huge island-continent, after the appearance of a home and the investment in isolation in the hotels.

But the cameras will start to turn to Bollywood, after an agreement between three important organizations in the indian film, putting an end to the freezing of the film shoots, with health rules that should restrict the pomp legendary dream factory of India: actors over 65 years of age are prohibited trays and it should not be scenes of a marriage or combat, two essential feature-length films bollywoodiens.

Alarm and beaches in Europe

Europe, it, was déconfinée after having tamed the pandemic, but it monitors the reboots, even to order new sub, as in recent days in the suburbs of Lisbon, in Germany around a slaughterhouse or in Italy near Naples.

With the déconfinement, factories, businesses and farms in addition to retirement homes and prisons as sources of transmission are important.

The world Health Organization has warned the continent on Thursday. “Last week, Europe has experienced an increase in the number of cases weekly for the first time in months,” said the director of the branch in the WHO-Europe, Hans Kluge, from Copenhagen.

“In eleven countries, the acceleration of the transmission has resulted in a resurgence of the most important, if not controlled, will push health systems to the brink of bankruptcy once more in Europe,” he continued.

But the Eiffel Tower has reopened in Paris, with still relatively few tourists, and the Louvre will follow on 6 July.

Greece, where the epidemic has been 191 deaths, ensures that it has taken “a maximum” of security measures to protect tourists, according to the Prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The Greek airports will also welcome new international flights on July 1st.

And the English, for the hottest day of the year, rushed on the beaches Thursday, to the point of overwhelming the local authorities that have involved the police in the seaside resort of Bournemouth.

For patients in severe coronavirus, the european medicines Agency has recommended Thursday to authorize a first medicine against the COVID-19, the antiviral remdesivir, according to the United States. The decision will depend on the Commission.

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