The coronavirus increases the health risks related to heat wave

Le coronavirus accroît les risques sanitaires liés à la canicule

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
If cooling off in a public place (on the photo, the fountain of the Place des arts de Montréal in 2019) is a good idea in general, this poses a risk in the pandemic period.

The world meteorological Organization (WMO) warned on Tuesday that the pandemic COVID-19 increases the health risks associated with heat, even though heat records are expected in the northern hemisphere this summer.

This specialized agency of the UN has urged governments to develop plans to ensure the safety of the people during heat waves while protecting them from the new coronavirus.

Because if, for example, to refresh themselves in a public space is air-conditioned and closed may be a good idea in case of a heat wave, this goes against the recommendations of public health related to the pandemic.

The summer that is approaching in the northern hemisphere is expected to mark a new heat record, said a spokesman of the WMO Clare Nullis Kapp, during a press conference in the virtual Geneva.

“We are currently experiencing one of the warmest years ever recorded “, she said.

And, ” for many, the COVID-19 increases the health risks related to heat “, she continued, noting that the pandemic made it more difficult to manage heatwaves.

WMO is therefore associated with other organizations in order to “alert the political leaders to try to help them to manage the double challenge of the heat and the COVID,” said Nullis Kapp.

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