The coronavirus is spreading across the U.S. and continues to kill: what happens in Ukraine and abroad (updated)

Коронавирус расползается по США и продолжает убивать: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Coronavirus continues to spread around the world: the number of cases exceeded 500 thousand, more than 24 thousand deaths. The number of infected is skyrocketing in the United States – the country ranked first in the number of patients, ahead of China.

In Italy the number of deaths is already more than 8 thousand. The local Federation of physicians said that in reality things are much worse. A significant portion of infected persons is not reflected in the statistics. Presumably, the actual number of cases is about 10 times higher than the official statistics.

In Ukraine, the first case of infection was recorded in the Transcarpathian region. A resident of Mukachevo got to the regional infectious diseases hospital on Tuesday. Her husband is a trucker who recently returned from Italy on is at home on isolation. “Apostrophe” talks about everything that happens in Ukraine and the world.

07:07 Almost 95 thousand Ukrainians have returned home from abroad after the commencement of quarantine. 160 people can’t go back, as there are quarantine outside Ukraine, 22 because sick with coronavirus.

According to the foreign Ministry of Ukraine, abroad from the coronavirus just died four Ukrainka.

Коронавирус расползается по США и продолжает убивать: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

07:05 At the moment the total number of cases in the world – 532 253, died 24 072 man, recovered 122 627.

Most deaths are recorded in Italy (8 215) and Spain (4 365). In China, for all the time of the epidemic died 3 169 people.

Most infected with the coronavirus now in the US (85 840), China (81 782) Italy (80 589), Spain (57 786), Germany (43 938) and France (29 566).

07:01 as of the evening of 26 March in Ukraine 196 laboratory-confirmed cases COVID-19, of which 5 deaths, 1 patient recovered.


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