The court confirmed the bankruptcy of a major producer of corn

Суд подтвердил банкротство крупного производителя хлеба

Суд подтвердил банкротство крупного производителя хлеба

The Supreme court of Ukraine upheld the decision declaring the bankruptcy of one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of bread. OOO “Trading house” Golden Harvest” had previously combined the 18 factories in the Donbass.

On 19 February the Supreme Court upheld the decision of Economic court of Zaporizhzhya region from 08.05.2018 and the decision of Donetsk appeal economic court from 20.09.2018 bankruptcy and start liquidation of the company, writes Finbalance.

Requirements for LLC “Trading company “Harvest” advanced state “Oschadbank”( 1.65 billion UAH), “savings Bank”(UAH 793 million), “Credit Dnepr”(487 million UAH), “Zlatobank”(64 million UAH), “Delta Bank” (UAH 30 million). These requirements in 2015 confirmed the economic Court of Zaporozhye region.

It turned out that the real estate companies, land and corporate law derived from the property during the year before starting the bankruptcy proceedings.

“Golden Harvest” is associated with Lauffer Group of businessman Alexander Lisinskoga. Lauffer is in the top of agropererabotka of Ukraine (production of flour, bakery, oil and fat products, canning and other products).

On 16 January the Supreme court confirmed the recovery from Leszczynski as guarantor OOO “Trading house “Golden harvest” a $ 23.1 million debt on the loan in favor of “Sberbank”. Another case concerned “the Mariupol city Mel”. The economic court of Donetsk region refused to accept the statement of “Sberbank” to the institution of proceedings on bankruptcy of the plant, as the requirements of the Bank on 602 700 000 UAH secured by a pledge of property.

According to the statement “Ukrgasbank” courts discuss the bankruptcy of another company Leszczynski “Trading company “Harvest”. Requirements of the Bank amounted to 14 900 000 UAH. Their claims to the said firm was nominated and “Oschadbank” ((2.16 billion UAH), FUIB (881 million), Sberbank (656 million UAH), “Credit Dnepr” (493 million UAH), “Delta Bank” (304 million UAH).

Earlier in Ukraine the bankrupt company “Mariupol heavy engineering plant”. It was also reported that the court rejected the closure of the bankruptcy proceedings of the Royal coal company — OJSC “Lviv coal company”. It was recognized indisputable requirements initiating creditor — “Alfa-Bank” more than 11 million

And recently, the economic Court of Kyiv abolished the “Credit of kollekshn of Groups” through bankruptcy. After the liquidation of the company the remaining outstanding debt of the company to “Prominvestbank”.