The CPE is adapted to the wire instructions [VIDEO]

Les CPE s’adaptent au fil des directives [VIDÉO]

Les CPE s’adaptent au fil des directives [VIDÉO]

It is very difficult for the educators of CPE to comply with the sacrosanct aloofness.


May 16, 2020 4: 00

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The CPE is adapted to the wire instructions [VIDEO]

Les CPE s’adaptent au fil des directives [VIDÉO]

Les CPE s’adaptent au fil des directives [VIDÉO]

Normand Provencher

The Sun

Cecilia Olivia is the manager of three PBS-in Charlesbourg, and Beauport. Since the beginning of the week, another task was added, the recall once and another to staff the health measures. Washing hands, wearing a helmet and mask, to respect the distance… “I have the impression to spend my time to play the police. It is hardening…”

Despite all his good intentions to comply with governmental requirements, Ms. Olivia has been forced to struggle to find masks and protective shields, delivered in a quantity insufficient for the teachers of its institutions.

“All the glasses that the girls wear, it is because we went in to buy in a hardware store”, she says, looking at the EYC staff The treble Clef deal, twenty pieces of cabbage, in the outdoor play space.

The place, which hosts the majority of children of employees of the university Institute of mental health, located nearby, currently operates at 40 % capacity because of the new rules. The hotel has never closed its doors during the pandemic, since he had to provide child care services to emergency workers are considered essential.

The Sun, Frédéric Matte

A new reality

Élise Paradis, director general of the Regroupement des CPE of the regions of Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches regions, rents the amount of effort deployed on the field since the schools have re-opened their doors Monday. “We were concerned to provide healthy environments and safe for the children and the staff. We had to hurry to find glasses and masks. It was also very complicated. Since 13 march, the guidelines are at the end, they are burned.”

Even if all teachers wear the mask, some have swapped the visor, too bulky, for protective glasses. That they wear over their prescription glasses…

“It fits, but the first day, o lord, the headache… It was hot,” says Manon Lessard, who cares for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years. Around she and her colleague, Catherine, their little world likes to take the air in this beautiful morning. There are Jadeyn, Ethan, Claire, Liam, Nathan, Ophélie and Benjamin G. “because it has four Benjamin”.

Once the surprise passed, the children have become accustomed to see the teachers with their protective equipment. Still, says the educator, these measures are detrimental to the learning of the word. A child like Ethan, who does not speak yet, cannot see his mouth. “He learns only with hearing, but he did not see the pronunciation of the words on my lips.”

“Educators react much the wearing of protective equipment, confirms Ms. Paradise. They find that it is hot, they don’t have air. There are those who have a bad heart. They are getting used to a new reality. We don’t have much of a choice, it is an obligation of the CNESST [Commission standards, of fairness, of the health and safety of the work].”

Distancing impossible

With regard to the sacrosanct aloofness, if she is respected most of the time between educators, it proves to be “extremely difficult” with the children, especially the younger people, says Ms. Paradise. The “colleux” and the “beaks” are prohibited, but they must override the directive when it comes to reassuring or consoling, or helping the child to dress or to put on his boots. “This is not in the nature of educators [not to be close to them],” said Ms. Oliva.

As of June 8, The treble Clef will have to increase its capacity to 75 %. Adjustments will need to be put in place. Ms. Oliva has the impression of not juggle that with adjustments and adaptations in the last two months, at the discretion of the indications changing the government. He’ll have to empty a room in which are stored the toys that cannot be disinfected, and find another place to store them.

“It has been a messy at the beginning. When I closed on Friday 13 march, it was thought for a time, then we gave all the food that was in the fridge. On Sunday, I was taught that I had to open the next day. To have su… ”

Cecilia Olivia, manager of CPE

Disinfect again and always

It was also necessary to proceed to a rearrangement of the groups to avoid the older children meet with younger children. Another puzzle. Chantale Roy cast a glance on the toddlers of the nursery that play on the gallery, adjacent to the CPE. The neighbouring building, an imposing, casting a shadow on the place. “Is it that they will spend their summer on the gallery?”

Maybe in the next few weeks, hopefully, public Health will authorize the use of the modules of the games, desert in a corner of the court. If the management was in addition to the directive, it would be necessary to disinfect the place after the passage of each child. A job that educators do not have the time to do that.

Even if it is not in its definition of tasks, an educator of the CPE is assigned full-time to disinfect all the premises during the day. To avoid the risk of contamination, no parent is accepted in the institution. “We’re going to have to open a position [to the outside],” says Ms. Oliva, thinking about this unexpected in its operating budget.

Les CPE s’adaptent au fil des directives [VIDÉO]

The CPE currently working at half of their normal capacity, the lack of manpower is not too much to feel .

The Sun, Erick Labbé



The decision of the ministry of the Family, the loosening of the requirements for the educators are not qualified Centres de la petite enfance (CPE), in order to offset the shortage of manpower in these times of pandemic, is a measure that should be applied “in a temporary way, because of the exceptional situation”.

“We continue to believe that the qualification of educators is essential for providing quality of services and meet the requirements of the ministry of the Family, in connection with the application of the educational program, among others. This relief could only become a long-term solution,” says Élise Paradis, director general of the Regroupement des CPE of the regions of Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches.

The Duty revealed this week that the government Legault intended to appeal, in case of need, to leaders, day camps, to replace the daycare workers. Secondary-second year technical education may also receive the green light to work in the CPE.

“We will have to I give a vacation to my staff who works hard, but if it is only for the summer period”, the idea would fit Cecilia Oliva, executive director of the CPE The Quilt, in Charlesbourg, which takes care of two other institutions in the sector.

“Personally, it excites me,” adds the director of the CPE The treble Clef, Chantale Roy. One of the criteria [education]. There, it would be like if it became the babysitter.”

Ideally, the directions of CPE would like to be able to count on the permanent staff, full-time, history to prevent the spread of the virus. “Employees who transfer from one ltc facility to another, we saw what it gave,” said Ms. Oliva.


Since the CPE are currently operating at half of their normal capacity, the lack of manpower is not too much to feel, but it may be otherwise soon, fears Élise Paradis.

“Prior to the pandemic, there was already a shortage of staff. I have 300 pending requests for replacements in the long term. I have teachers who can’t get in because they are vulnerable or too old. There are others who don’t want to go home because they remove the PCU [canadian Program of emergency]. As time goes on, the more we have need of staff. We are anxious for the next few weeks.”

The Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance du Québec considered this week in The Duty between 5000 and 6000 the lack of employees in the network of daycare services. Normand Provencher

Le Soleil

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