The crash of Il-20 in Syria – Israel gave Russia the data about the incident

Крушение Ил-20 в Сирии - Израиль передал России данные о происшествии

Israel’s military gave the Russian Federation the data on the downed aircraft Il-20 in Syria. This was reported in the defense Ministry of Israel.

It is noted that the generals presented a report on the situation, which concerns the downed plane air defence system, the government forces of Assad in Syria.

In addition, the Ministry said about Iran’s efforts to establish its military presence in Syria and to transfer strategic weapons to the terrorist organization Hezbollah, which is funded by Iran to fight the opposition.

“Israel expresses its sorrow at the death of the crew of the Russian plane that was shot down by anti-aircraft fire”, – stated in the message.

As reported by our site, earlier Syria’s President Bashar al – Assad sent President Vladimir Putin a telegram in connection with the crash of the plane Il-20 Russian military