The crisis would amplify a collective action against the CHSLD

La crise amplifierait une action collective contre les CHSLD

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If the request for amendment is allowed, the members of the group are demanding compensation ranging from$ 2000 to$ 100,000 per resident.

Deaths and infection cases demonstrate the failure of the CHSLD public to provide living environments that are safe, denounce close to.

The vast collective action of 500 million against NURSING homes public, which was authorized last fall, could take on more significance, with a request to add compensation for the damages suffered during the pandemic.

“The infections and deaths [related to the COVID-19] flow directly from the services deficient, inadequate, and insufficient, that were already offered in NURSING homes until the pandemic hits the network “, one can read in the petition filed this week at the palais de justice of Montreal, the firm of Larochelle Counsel.

The application for amendment seeks to include three new sub-groups, or all residents who contracted the COVID-19, those that are hosted in a ltc facility where there are at least a positive case, as well as the heirs of all the residents died from the coronavirus since march 11.

Among the 2725 deaths reported as of Thursday, 1726 have been reported in a CHSLD, 63.3% of deaths in the province related to the COVID-19.

“The [NURSING], who failed already before the pandemic, to provide a substitute living that is respectful of the safety, the integrity, the dignity and the honor of the vulnerable residents of NURSING homes public, have also failed to protect these last of the dire consequences of the pandemic of the COVID-19, as evidenced by the numerous cases of infections and deaths of the residents,” says the petition.

Remember that the judge Donald Bisson has given the green light to the collective action in September 2019. It visele government of Québec and 22 CISSS and CIUSSS that operate accommodation Centres, long-term care (CHSLD), a little everywhere in Quebec.

Judgment of death

Chantal Downing no longer closes the eye of the night since the 14th of last march, when Quebec announced that the visits were suspended in all NURSING homes of the province. Hosted for two years at the CHSLD Laurendeau, his mother, Denise Ouimet, was at the heart of one of the most important foci of outbreaks. “My heart is broken,” says Ms Downing.

“If my mother develops symptoms, she may die. I really wish that they would not have signed his death warrant “, breath of the one who wishes to act as co-representative of the three new groups.

Even if she can no longer visit physically to his mother, Mrs. Downing has had access to unpublished what is going on inside the walls of the institution that hosts his 83 year old mother.

“There are several surveillance cameras installed legally in the house of my mother. Initially, it was to keep an eye on it, on its evolution. It was a large bright housing with several rooms to a small room “, she explains.

However, the images captured since the beginning of the pandemic, when employees know they are being filmed, have confused Mrs Downing.

“The 11 April, there was a patient care attendant to enter the room of my mother and lowered his mask to speak to him “, she explains.

A similar scene will happen a few days later, but this time, the employee simply did not have the mask. April 30, Ms. Downing learned that his mother had been declared positive with the COVID-19.

If my mother develops symptoms, she may die. I really wish that they would not have signed his death warrant.

— Chantal Downing


“This is unacceptable. There are the lax blatant, ” says Ms Downing. “My mother did everything to protect, she was in her room hidden in a corner, but because of bullshit, she could die,” she says.

Other cases

The case of his mother, however, is far from isolated.

Collin Peres has witnessed several gaps in the care provided to his parents since their admission to the CHSLD Lachine in 2018. It happened frequently that his parents ‘ lack of support for days. Their hygiene left something to be desired, they sometimes had to wait hours for a staff member brings them to the bathroom.

However, the situation was exacerbated during the pandemic, and has claimed the life of his mother. Doris Desa and Frank Peres have both been reported positive for the COVID-19 on 13 April.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mr. Peres notes that his father is neglected, he was left to himself for two days without being fed, washed or changed “, is it noted in the request.

From 16 to 20 April, Mr. Peres has had no news of his parents. He will be able to make a FaceTime on April 20, with her mother, who barely speak and who seems to be severely dehydrated. In the aftermath of this appeal, the institution announced to him the death of his mother.

If the request for amendment is allowed, the members of the group are demanding compensation ranging from$ 2000 to$ 100,000 per resident.

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