The crisis would carry 18 000 SMES in Quebec

La crise emporterait 18 000 PME au Québec

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According to the canadian Federation of independent business, if two-thirds of SMES are fully open in the country, only 37% use their capacity of labour normal.

The COVID-19 could carry some 18,000 SMES in Quebec, 158 000 in Canada. According to the strength of the recovery, an SME on the seven sees its survival threatened by the effects of the pandemic.

The data come from the canadian Federation of independent business. In Quebec, 17 993 SMES are in danger of disappearing, the study concluded. “Although nearly three-quarters of SMES in québec are now fully open, only one-third have revenues equal to or greater than the normal,” adds François Vincent, vice-president for Quebec at the CFIB.

In Canada, this threat aims 158 000 SMES, or 14 % or a small business on sept. Depending on the strength of the economic recovery, this number may vary between 55 000 and 218 000. “In Canada, the most vulnerable sectors are the arts and recreation, and accommodation and catering, the rates being, respectively, 30 % and 27 %. “

The follow-up Table of the CFIB also says that at the canadian level, if 62 % of SMES are completely open, only 37 % use their capacity of labour-normal and 26 % were reunited with their level of sales usual.

Anxiety around telework

Another survey, conducted this time by the company for services solutions data Maru/Blue for the specialist cloud OVHcloud, highlights the concerns of businesses in relation to their preparation digital. Thus, 48% of canadian businesses said they were not prepared for the technological changes engendered by the COVID-19, then they are also likely to estimate that they will need to maintain their activities at a distance on the long term. The respondents indicate that their biggest challenges are the costs (37 %) and the risks related to cybersecurity and data protection (44 %).

In Quebec, if they are 60 % to be concerned about the security of their network if their organization has a digital strategy is more robust, 44 % of respondents believe that their organization does not have the necessary resources to accelerate its digital strategy.


These are the survey respondents who believe that their organization does not have the necessary resources to accelerate its digital strategy.

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