The Crocs company closes all their factories

The company Crocs big changes are coming, starting with the closure of factories and shops

Компания Crocs закрывает все свои фабрики

World-renowned footwear company Crocs has announced the closure of all its factories and the resignation of financial Director, told CBS News. In the official press release also notes that earlier this year was halted manufacture of footwear in Mexico in Italy. 28 and more than 400 brand brand name shops will be closed in the near future.

It is noteworthy that the representatives of Crocs said the growth in revenue of 4.7% in the second quarter of 2017. So the company’s stock price increased by 43% since the beginning of this. Apparently, to support production capacity is not enough.


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It is difficult to understand what will result in the end for fans of the brand all these changes, but to say goodbye to the beloved “monsters” just yet. It is not excluded that due to the closure of factories and several shops the company expects to reduce costs and increase profits.

Recall that the Crocs company was founded in the USA in 2002. Since then her shoes have become very popular worldwide for a simple and comfortable design. Although thanks to him the shoes of foam repeatedly got himself in all kinds of antireyting, and in 2010, Time magazine included Crocs in the list of “Worst inventions of mankind.”

We will remind, earlier Harvard scientists have conducted extensive research and found that wearing high heels is the worst for human health. Experts recommend often to go on vacation barefoot to improve leg muscles.

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