The crowd propels the Eagles

Trois-Rivières – The Eagles of Trois-Rivières won the last game of this series of three against the Capitals of Quebec on Thursday. An announced crowd of more than 3500 spectators, the best of the season, witnessed this triumph of 9-4.
The Capitals (20-34) were once again the first to score. The circuit of the first batter to come to the plate, Brandon Fisher, was 1-0 Quebec.

In the Eagles batting round (32-21) in the third, the Capitals led 3-2. Taylor Brennan could have been pulled off the second cushion on a goal attempt, but he managed to save himself from his opponent to stay safe. Once again in this series, Capital Manager Patrick Scalabrini was not satisfied with the decision made by the official. “It’s a surprising call. It put our starter in trouble and it opened the door to the Eagles. It’s really frustrating because we started the game well, “he commented.

The Birds have indeed experienced a three-point thrust in this third round. A double of Anthony Hermelyn brought Brennan home. Hermelyn did the same on a simple Raphael Gladu. Trois-Rivières was then 5-3 ahead.

The Eagles have never looked behind

Gladu was propelled by the crowd chanting his name in the fifth, hitting a two-run homer. His third of the campaign was 7-3. Le Trifluvien offered another great exit with three hits and four runs. “It’s really fun when the crowd participates like that. Gladu is a very good hitter and when the guy before him does his job well, it helps a lot, “said Eagles manager TJ Stanton.

It was Tucker Nathans’ singles in sixth that allowed this 9-4 victory. In this sequence, David Glaude and Thomas Roulis made the point.

Birds starting pitcher Chris Murphy had a good exit despite nine hits in just over five innings. He conceded just two points and made six strikeouts. He earned that 9-4 win, a fourth this season. “We knew we were not going to use a lot of bullpen, so we wanted to keep Murphy as long as possible. The batters have understood that and it’s impressive the work they did in attack, “Stanton said.

In the other camp, starter Jack Charleston did quite well in two innings of work. However, he suffered a second loss this year. It is rather his relievers who allowed the Eagles to fly from the third recovery. “It’s unusual to get back up as we’ve seen in the first two games. We knew that it would be more difficult for our relievers on the third day. We will be able to start again on a rotation of starters “, specified Scalabrini.

The Eagles will be back with the Capitals next week in Quebec City. Scalabrini is confident that his troop will be able to get up. “It’s different when you’re at home, you’re more confident. We can not wait to see this series, “he confirmed.


LeVon Washington was returning to the game after a month of absence due to an injury. In four batting appearances, he hit a single.

Jacques Doucet, the voice of the Montreal Expos from 1972 to 2004, was present at the game. In 33 years of experience as Expos descriptor, Doucet has described more than 5,500 meetings.

The Eagles will hit the road Thursday night to New Jersey to start a series of three games against the Jackals. The Capitals will return to Quebec, where they will host the Ottawa Champions from Friday to Sunday.

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