The customers and employees of bars montrealers should get tested, according to the public Health

Les clients et employés de bars montréalais doivent se faire dépister, selon la Santé publique

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
The customers and employees who have attended or worked in bars in the Montreal area are requested to undergo a screening test to ensure they have not contracted the COVID-19.

The regional branch of the Montreal public health (DRSP) is urging customers and employees who have attended or worked in bars on the island since the 1st of July to go to have tests to find out if they have contracted the COVID-19.

By way of a press release, it was reported Saturday that customers or employees with a contagious had attended at least 5 establishments from the 1st July. If some of them have been contacted by the authorities, many have not been able to be reached.

According to the public health, “it is very likely that other institutions have been frequented by” people with.

It was recognized that the proportion of new cases among young people aged 15 to 39 years had increased in recent weeks in the region.

The chief, medical Service, urban Environment and healthy habits of life to the DRSP of Montreal, Dr. David Kaiser, expressed concern that ” these comments reflect only the tip of the iceberg “. Recalling that the transmission community remained present in Montreal, it has warned the population ” that the pandemic was not behind us.”

“If we want to lessen the impact of a potential second wave, it is absolutely necessary that the people who begin to develop symptoms akin to the COVID-19, and people who have potentially been in contact with cases have to be tested and isolate themselves until they receive their result “, he launched.

On Thursday, the quebec government had decided to tighten the screws by imposing a curfew at midnight for the sale of alcohol in bars and the obligation of close to 1 hour in the morning.

The minister of Health, Christian Dubé, has also imposed a limit of customers to 50 % of the planned capacity at the permitted and forbidden dance.

Mr. Dubé had not hidden his concern about a sudden reversal of trend, while the data of public health reported Thursday of 137 new cases-more than double that what was recorded in the last few days.

The bar owners will be encouraged to take, on a voluntary basis, a register of customers.

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