The day camps will be able to operate with ratios that monitor-the usual children

Les camps de jour pourront opérer avec les ratios moniteur-enfants habituels

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
In this photo taken in 2009, children’s play leap-sheep during a camp activity of the day. They will be able to have as many children for a monitor than usual this summer, has decided the government Legault Wednesday.

Quebec made a 180 degree turn on his decision announced two weeks ago of times reduce by half the number of children by instructors at day camps in Quebec and now allows the return to the usual ratios since the re-opening of the 22 June.

In a press release sent Wednesday evening, the public Health explained to have changed ” taking into account the evolution of knowledge about the transmission of the virus and the situation of the pandemic “.

The reports of frame usual recommended by the Association des camps du Québec are of eight children of 3 to 4 years of age by monitor, ten children aged 5 to 6 per instructor, of twelve children, of 7 to 8 years per monitor and 15 children from 9 to 17 years of age by monitor.

The municipalities and agencies that organize day camps will also plan activities that comply with the distancing and physical will be required to ensure the implementation of hygiene measures additional, insists the ministry of Health.

The Quebec government had announced on Tuesday a financial assistance of up to $ 11 million to help day camps to comply with the demands of public health.

The” easing ” of the ratios is a relief to organisers who feared to suffer a shortage of monitors.

It “will provide more flexibility for municipalities and agencies responsible for the conduct of day camps in their recruitment efforts,” noted the ministry.

During the rules announcement for the reopening, prime minister François Legault had launched an appeal for teens so that they may apply. Mr. Legault said he was concerned the competition for the Delivery of canadian emergency paid ” to stay at home “.

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