The day of three eights: how to spend it

День трёх восьмерок: как его провести

August 8, 2018 will be a special day, which can be used to “strengthen the foundations” of life, and also for protection from the solar Eclipse on August 11.

This was told by the magician Vedic tradition Igor mehedi, reports the observer.

“In all religions, eight is considered a sacred number, especially among the ancient Slavs. It is believed that the absolute, the Creator of the world, Rod God took the form of a sacred stone Alatyr, which built the entire universe. This stone has the shape of eight-pointed stars”.

“Eight in all religions is a manifestation of the Godhead, the Foundation on which the world, through which it thrives. It is believed that God himself incarnated in octagonal form, it always represents the divine presence,” explained the magician.

A combination of 3 vosmaeri – a symbol of “the manifestation of God in person,” he said.

08.08.2018 of the year “it is useful to build and strengthen the Foundation, which is our life,” he recommended Igor mehedi. This will help prayer, meditation, and “life-affirming thoughts”.

“It could be a prayer for health, for the fact that the house was safely below the cattle gave a large litter to fields, the harvest and so on,” he said.

The magician said: day 3 eights can help to build a defense on the eve of the solar Eclipse on August 11. For this it is necessary to say this formula while visualizing these images: “We affirm the divine presence in the cardiac plexus of each of us. The divine presence takes the form of a bright Golden light. This bright Golden light we are putting a protective octagonal star in the East, West, North and South, in the four corners in the heaven and in the earth. Not we put these stars, and the highest deity, the absolute puts these stars. They burn powerfully and forever.”

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“This will strengthen defenses and make the movement forward,” said the magician and noticed that the ritual can be performed the whole day, “from sunrise to sunset.”