The déconfinement, the source of discord

Le déconfinement, source de zizanie

Le déconfinement, source de zizanie

The French, in full déconfinement progressive, take advantage of the beautiful days in front of the restaurants.


May 23, 2020 21h53


The déconfinement, the source of discord

Aurélie Mayembo

Agence France-Presse

PARIS — Wear a mask or not? Go out or stay at home? At the time of the déconfinement, many aspects of daily life are subject to controversy, even between loved ones. Explanations with the anthropologist Fanny Parise, at the origin of a study on the confinement conducted in France and Switzerland.


Review its close or wait? This is a question related to “the psychological dimension of individuals, depending on whether they are introverts, extroverts, they have managed to find a balance in the containment, or have struggled to manage the limitation of social interactions.

It is also linked to the style of life, with people who had little outings outside of the home : they have less need to rush into a new normality, in contrast to the urban youth who are usually their homes. We also met a lot of people who have lived through this period as a “magical interlude” : take the distance to their daily lives was seen as positive. They don’t want to switch back immediately in the life before.”


“During the confinement, there was a part constrained, but relatively clear. Here is the soft : there is the right to relive a little as before, but the risk of pandemic is always present and the respect of the gestures barriers is interpreted differently by everyone, which causes tension, stress, and sometimes even animosity.

Le déconfinement, source de zizanie

In Switzerland, the measures of restrictions have been relaxed.

AP, Laurent Gillieron

There are those for whom the déconfinement, it is the continuity of the containment and the other, to which on 11 may signed distance with the virus. So they will have a lot more freedom in relation to the port of the mask and gestures barriers…”

Risk management

“An individual is going to arbitrate on a more or less unconscious, between several topics and in the end, is going to have its risk management. The criteria taken into account are mainly related to dirt, pollution, instead, to the practice…. Such things are quite irrational, related to the interpretation of each. It was mostly the rule of the proxémie : is the place or the activity is with strangers, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, or in a more private setting? One sees that a stranger is considered very dangerous, so that a close, we very much want to see, is considered to be in better health.”

“Hello”, “goodbye”

“The first problem is the ritual of greeting. Even in a relatively intimate, the kiss and the handshake are struggling to come back, and we will prefer to make a check, elbow, or foot. In the sphere of friendly or professional, it no longer has any physical contact, because this is not deemed essential. Where it’s going to be a problem, it is when one is close enough to people, especially when it comes to saying goodbye. Because unconsciously, we say that if there is a second wave, we will not revisit them anytime soon. The people interviewed [in the course of the study, editor’s NOTE] say that there is a time of unrest, because we don’t know how to say goodbye, if it is necessary to find another gesture or not. We have many things to relearn in the life of every day, how to interact with others without offense and, while remaining polite. It is a source of many anxieties.”

Le déconfinement, source de zizanie

People take the sun by the Seine, in Paris.

AP, Francois Mori

In the long term

“If the virus leaves in a few weeks or a few months, it is likely that the rites of socialization will come back, because they are embedded in our culture and our way of interacting. By contrast, in the professional sphere, this was already raised questions, such as the towers of kissing for women. In the sphere friendly, and family, I think it’s going to come back. By contrast, in the intermediate cases, people are not super close or strangers, we can emit the hypothesis of a net decrease in these physical interactions”.

Le Soleil

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