The deferral of the olympic games of Tokyo, as an opportunity for injured athletes to recover

Le report des JO de Tokyo, une occasion pour les athlètes blessés de récupérer

Photo: Richard Lam, The canadian Press
At right, the volleyball player TJ Sanders

Lori Ewing – The canadian Press, and

Donna Spencer – The canadian Press

April 1, 2020

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The volleyball player TJ Sanders has composed with a back injury, painful for two years. The player of 28 years old of London has done its best to play in spite of it.

Sanders has not really been able to jump during the olympic qualification tournament in January in Vancouver.

“I was doing a service with effect but standing, as I had not done since early in high school, I think,” he said.

The men’s team Canada qualified for the olympic Games of Tokyo in the tournament is the last chance.

Sanders provided compromises and workarounds to play this summer.

The pandemic of the COVID-19 forcing the IOC and the organizing committee for the japanese to see the olympics in Tokyo in 2021, a window of opportunity has opened for injured athletes.

“I probably would have ended up going to Tokyo with some handicaps, said Sanders. Now, I have this glimmer of hope which is the time, if you want.

“In theory, if I can develop some of the muscles of the back and trunk and hip mobility.. it can absorb the weight, contrary to my spine that takes the most.

“It’s not as if you could show the abs of steel by magic. It is necessary to build these very small muscles, without they ask for too much way too early.

“With a year of more, I will be much more advanced in this process than I would have been this year. “

When the women’s team sitting volleyball has not qualified for the Paralympics in a tournament area last August, Angelena Dolezar has decided to do surgery on the left leg, on the 13th of February.

A few days after the procedure, Canada has secured his place in Tokyo without it, in a tournament of the last chance.

The wife of Edmonton 34-year-old, whose left leg is amputated above the knee, was determined to recover and adapt to the new implant in his femur at the beginning of the paralympic Games of 2020, the 25 August.

“It would have been an enormous challenge, has allowed Dolezar. I am delighted with your report. I believe I may be the only one in the team, so I try to limit my enthusiasm as much as possible. A year will allow me to dedicate myself to recovery. “

A broken ankle prevented Rosie MacLennan, a double olympic champion of trampoline, to participate in the pan american Games last summer.

The gymnast from King City, Ontario, earned the bronze at the world championships in December, allowing Canada to participate in the trampoline female in Tokyo.

“I was training with some pain and compensations since my return, said MacLennan.

“I hope that during this period, I will be able to fix things and, at my return, be able to handle less pain and, hopefully, have better chances to jump higher. “

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