The destruction of Khrushchev: that the government will offer residents in return

Разрушение хрущевок: что власть предложит жителям взамен

75 million square meters of housing is already in disrepair

The authorities seriously undertook the preparation for the liquidation of Khrushchev. Of course the inhabitants of those Soviet houses are not happy about this, because they remain without their homes. However, officials promise that people will be given a worthy replacement.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of regional development Leo Partskhaladze. He also explained how to carry out resettlement and evicted residents receive compensation, reports

Разрушение хрущевок: что власть предложит жителям взамен

In Ukraine for three to four years to begin large-scale reconstruction of the old housing. However the project is still under development by the government.

“First we construct a launcher house, people move, and only then the old (house) demolished. Second question: they must live in the district centre, to Kreschatik troieschyna not resettled. Third question: the percentage of the award that people receive. It must be compulsory, for it was the apartment,” – said the Deputy Minister.

According to Partskhaladze, now considered two main options for renovation, or complete demolition of old housing and construction of new or reconstruction. Besides, the second variant it is possible to attract private business.

The second option will attract private investors who will complete additional levels, update of communication and should make the house energy efficient.

Additionally, the government noted that if part of the “Khrushchev” can still be saved by overhaul, then at least 75 million square meters of housing is already in poor condition.

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