The Eagles have the last word in the series against the Capitals

Everything was going well for David Richardson. The Quebec Capitals pitcher had just won his 10th strike when Tucker Nathans went on a long two-run run in the seventh inning to lead the Trois-Rivières Eagles to a 3-1 victory in the most impressive of the season at the Stade Canac.
The Eagles avoided the scourge of a broom in front of their Quebec rivals. For their part, the Capitals were deprived of a first sweep at home in this more difficult season and they saw their sequence of four victories in a row come to an end.

But it was not until a long ball of Brandon Fischer in the center field with two runners on the boards falls into the glove of the Eagles fielder to confirm the result.

“We believed for a few seconds. It would have been incredible to come back from behind twice in the ninth, but we missed a little juice. I’m still very happy with the week we have just spent, “said manager Patrick Scalabrini, whose club is still in sixth place in the Can-Am League standings, at 5.5 games in fourth place owned by the Rockland Boulders, their next opponents.

Fans were treated to a nice pitching duel between Richardson (1-2) and Kevin McNorton (7-5). Taker Garrett Mundell (12th) makes amends to his defeat the day before by protecting the victory.

Richardson had the misfortune to miss a shot against Nathans, who broke a 1-1 tie that lasted since the third inning. Too bad, since his 11 strikeouts represented the highest total by a pitcher of the Capitals, this season. Meanwhile, McNorton handcuffed the Quebec attack, giving only four hits in six innings.

“All I ask is that our pitcher gives us the chance to win every game. After, like a boxer, we have the power to pass the KO. to the opponent with a single stroke of a stick. All our players can hit circuits, it was Tucker’s turn. As for Mundell, I wanted to return it right away to forget Wednesday’s match, “said Eagles manager TJ Stanton, whose squad is 34-25.

David Glaude hit two of the Eagles’ nine hits. The Capitals were limited to six hits by McNorton and company, TJ White producing their only point using a circuit, third.

Désilets injured

Under contract with the Capitals on Wednesday, Francis Désilets was unlucky in the sixth when he injured his left elbow after contact with a player in the middle of the first cushion race. In the entourage of the Capitals, one feared a ligamentous tear. He was still in the hospital at the time of writing, late in the evening.

“Poor little guy,” said the manager sadly, who had invited Désilets to be on the next trip. The Capitals took the road to Rockland after the match.

“The next series will be very big and extremely difficult, but guys believe in it and stand,” Scalabrini added. Can-An league record holder Isaac Pavlik will be out of retirement to face the Boulders on Friday.

The Eagles are returning home, where they will host the Jackals of New Jersey for the next three days. Brandon Barker (4-2) will be the starter on Friday.


Suspended three games for being the spark that fired Sunday, in the general scrum between the Capitals and the Ottawa Champions, outfielder David Salgueiro is ready to return to service.

The left-handed batter took advantage of this forced break to recover from his emotions and ensure that he did not suffer a concussion after receiving two punches, one of which was viciously worn by Eduard Pinto, punished for 10 games.

“The important thing is to keep playing well, but you can not do it outside of the lineup. I’m ready to return to the game, “he said Thursday, before his last suspension match. That of Lachlan Fontaine is also over.

“It’s a bit crazy what happened. It was the first time I was involved in such a fight. There were so many people in front of me, I could not see anything and I did not expect to be hit in this way. I was blown up after my triple, the guys told me afterwards that I had better control my emotions, to direct it to my team. But during the match, the other club had told me stuff, I replied at the same time. I did not think they were going out like that from the shelter, “said the Florida rookie, who had just hit a two-point triple to tie the tables.

“I think the league handled it well afterwards. The penalties were just right for everyone. I thank Fontaine for coming to my rescue, but unfortunately he has paid the price of three games for that. ”

The center fielder does not want to change the way he plays, especially as his output was on the rise with an offensive average of .273.

“I want to continue to inject energy into the team, especially since we have a good week. I just want to make sure there is not another fight because of me. I guess we will still want to beat them the next time we play against them. For me, everything is forgotten, but I will certainly not give him a hand, “he admitted about the one who smacked him. Carl Tardif

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